Spend some time and money on special technical specifications development and fire risk assessment and stop paying fines

Imagine a company that decided to save on compliance with the Fire Safety Rules. Do you think this does not happen? But some organizations, unlike yours, take this risk. in more detail about service

Stop constantly paying fines to the State Fire Supervision!

When do owners think about the technical documentation for the State Fire Supervision and other inspection bodies? in more detail about service

Training center or how to avoid conflicts with State Fire Supervision

It's not easy to interact with firemen - each inspection usually ends with a fine or order. The acquisition of knowledge in the field of fire safety leads to strict observance of the rules of fire fighting regime and, as a consequence, to the absence of complaints from the supervisory authorities. in more detail about service

Entrust the observance of the fire safety regime to us and do your business

If there was fire at your site and you want to establish its cause. If insurance company assessed the damage incorrectly. If you want to get maximum payments for fire insurance. in more detail about service

In more detail about all services and services which are provided by Fire union of companies you can to examine in the section "Services"

We make safety available

The mission of the Group of companies “FireUnion” is to assist organizations and enterprises in the development of the most beneficial ways to solve fire safety issues and their implementation, to assist the States in execution of the constitutional functions of civilians` lives protection, to organize a stable team of associates with the constant expansion of the number of professionals in the field of fire safety for sustainable social security system.

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