Entrust the observance of the fire safety regime to us and do your business

If there was fire at your site and you want to establish its cause

If insurance company assessed the damage incorrectly

If you want to get maximum payments for fire insurance

You've come to the right place!

   All you need is to contact the Group of Companies “Fire Union” for implementation of fire safety measures.

 We know how difficult it is to deal with the inspectors: not every lawyer can justify his case.

   You no longer have to argue with them.

Fire examination and damage assessment, conducted by the Group of Companies “Fire Union”, is the most effective tool for establishing the causes of fire and obtaining compensation.

The list of services rendered by “Fire Union” during the fire-technical expertise:

1. Counseling on the establishment of the seat of fire, the technical cause of the fire and the procedure for conducting fire tests.

2. Research, including visual inspection, using laboratory methods, metallographic studies and electrical devices to identify the signs of emergency operation.

3. Establishment of conditions conducive to the spread of fire with the possible use of testing equipment.

   After your appeal, our experts will arrive at the site, determine the cause of the fire and the amount of losses incurred. Then our representatives will directly contact your insurance company and help you get the maximum compensation.

We always defend the interests of customers, rather than insurers.

   In case of fire, we start working at the earliest stage.

   Our experts defend your interests, in terms of the volume of restoration work and damage assessment.


You can turn to The Group of Companies “Fire Union” if:

· The amount of compensation appointed by the insurer is less than you expected.

· The insurer calculates the cost of materials below the market price or understates the amount of restoration work, not taking into account the interests of the affected enterprise.

· The cost of damaged property causes disputes with insurers.

· Independent damage assessment is required to obtain insurance compensation. We always stand the rights of the affected side.

· Insurers require the conclusion on the damage incurred, including the outlay.

The actions of experts at any stage of the work are carried out in full compliance with all norms and requirements.

   With the help of experts from the Group of Companies “Fire Union” you will be able to:

• Correctly assess losses after the fire, which affected engineering, electrical and other networks.

• Determine which way to repair the damage is most suitable for you, and prove it to insurers.

• Justify the calculation of the volume and costs of restoration works.

We guarantee:

With our help you will determine the real cost of the restoration works and fully cover the damages without paying extra money.

Also we guarantee another 3 advantages:

• Competent reporting for all instances. Our specialists guarantee that all documents comply with the state requirements. We do not tolerate mistakes that may emerge after a while.

• Time saving: you do not have to deal with the authorities, we will do it ourselves.

• Money saving: you get maximum compensation payments.

If any misfortune has happened, if your property was damaged in fire, take advantage of cooperation with the Group of Companies “Fire Union”. It is profitable, reliable, verified.

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