Regulation of organization activity by the state, the organizations rendering services and performing works in the field of fire safety began from 90th years, in view of a failure from state and development of a private property. The principal document allowing organization activity of the fire-prevention market always was the License for activities for mounting, repair and service of fire safety devices of buildings and constructions. Such license not only assumed permission output, but also more created the market of fire-prevention services, having defined types of activity which generally are possible in the fire-prevention market.

But over time both the state and business developed. If it was not possible to imagine earlier that money can be earned on different expertizes that is the mains from types of activity of many organizations now. Well and of course the state began to regulate those types of activity which became new but at the heart of the bear responsibility for safety.

Safety is the main thing that pushes the state to regulate the market of fire safety. And in turn such regulation naturally assumes the increased responsibility among the organizations which are exposed to regulation. The state and different organs making impact on provision of allowing documentation with close attention estimate Licensees and impose requirements both to a staff, and to existence of financially technical basis.

Therefore it is possible to the organizations having such allowing documentation to trust.

Pozhsoyuz group of companies possessing, in our opinion, the widest list of allowing documentation in difference from the competitors it is capable to render services in the widest range in questions of support of fire safety, from the organization of educational process, before expert attending and also mounting and service of fire-prevention systems.

In more detail about our licenses:

The license of the Ministry of Education of the Moscow region granted by one of our organizations grants to No. 71836 the right to render educational services in implementation of educational programs of additional professional education from a fire and technical minimum before labor protection, operations at height, operations with tanks of high pressure, electrical safety, radiation safety, experts in certification of operations and services and also testers.

The certificate of accreditation of Emercom of Russia No. 660/B/0677 allows us to render at highly professional grade services in survey of subjects to protection, carrying out calculations for assessment of fire risk, preparation of an output about execution or not execution of conditions of compliance of a subject to protection to requirements of fire safety and development of the measures aimed at providing of fire safety of subjects to protection.

Certificates on confirmation of competence of an organ on certification and testing laboratory on the right of works on confirmation of compliance of production

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