About us

The mission of the Group of companies “FireUnion” is to assist organizations and enterprises in the development of the most beneficial ways to solve fire safety issues and their implementation, to assist the States in execution of the constitutional functions of civilians` lives protection, to organize a stable team of associates with the constant expansion of the number of professionals in the field of fire safety for sustainable social security system.

The Group of Companies "FireUnion" is no longer a young and dynamic organization. Today we can say with confidence that we are a team, claiming for a leading role in firefighting business, and applying modern technologies in building business processes, that lead to customer satisfaction, and even a bit more!

The objectives of the Group of Companies “FireUnion” including both non-commercial organizations, which combine businesses for over 11 years, and organizations, which provide services in all areas of fire prevention measures from training to installation and representation of interests in state organizations are:

Adoption of accessible, transparent and clear normative legal acts, regulating activities in the field of fire safety provision, based on the interests of business, society and the state;

Creation of prerequisite for a healthy competition between business entities;

Assurance of the transparency of the relationship between employers and supervisory authority during inspections;

Introduction of economically justifiable products (including software), allowing to conserve on maintenance of fire safety;

Promotion and realization of procedures of fire safety issues outsourcing, which imply a transfer of all (or a part) the obligations to ensure the fire safety of the competent organization.

Наши филиалы:

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