Do your fire protection systems give false alarms?

Are you tired of investing in the equipment repairs?

Are firefighters constantly prescribing regulations and penalties?


Either you have installed low-quality equipment or incompetent workers assembled it incorrectly.


The Group of Companies Fire Union: we work only with reliable manufacturers and have only highly skilled assembly teams.

You no longer need to spend time searching for skillful fire-fighting equipment.

The best equipment is put into the specification at the project design stage. You can buy it in conjunction with installation.

Means and systems of fire protection

We usually work with manufacturers when installing fighting systems:

         INIM Electronics.
         Argus spektr.
         ADEMCO (Honeywell).
         System Sensor.
         LLC Pozh Avtomatika

Why do we choose them?

Proven quality.

Products of the above companies, residing for many years in domestic and international markets, has confirmed its competitiveness.

Full compliance to applicable Russian legislation.

Ability to integrate into existing security systems.

Expandability of systems (if necessary).

Acceptable value for money.


What equipment would you like to assemble with the help of the group of companies Fire Union?

"Bolid" safety systems


We sell and assemble:

Devices for intruder and fire alarm systems.

ACMS to organize complex security systems.




The domestic system is cheaper than imported counterparts are, although a number of parameters exceeds them.

Bolid is fully adaptable to the conditions of a particular company.

Bolid has a completely localized interface, user-friendly.


INIM Electronics alarm systems

We sell and assemble:


Control panels

Smoke, heat, smoke and heat detectors

Visual and audible & visual signaling devices

Power Supplies

Aspiration systems



Easy to install and operate.

Complete adaptation for particular conditions of installation and operation.

The flexibility and scalability of the system (up to 57,600 fire detection sensors).



We sell and assemble:

Pump systems.





High operation reliability of pumping station and sprinklers.

Auto power off a defective pump and inclusion of a backup pump if needed.

Minimal maintenance cost

The ability to place equipment on the minimum area.


Argus spektr

We sell and assemble:

Radio channel devices for intruder and fire alarm systems.

Fire warning and evacuation management system.



Quick and easy installation.

Absence of the wires and, consequently, the ability to keep the walls in its original form.

High noise immunity.


ADEMCO (Honeywell)

We sell and assemble:

Actuating devices

Vista control panel



Remote programming of the panels Ademco Vista 10 (NV 1410) through SMS (GSM).

Work on SBus.

It leaves the control panel communicator free.

It has activation input.

30 messages memory.

Full conversion of the control panel protocol for GSM network transmission.

Conversion of the full protocol of the control panel to the GSM network transmission.

Duplication and redundancy of the main communication channel.


System Sensor

We sell and assemble:

Automatic fire alarm detectors



High-end products.

A harmonious combination of the latest technology with international standards and Russian regulations.



We sell and assemble:

Devices for intruder and fire alarm systems.



Highly informative front panel corresponding to GOST R 53325-2012.

Extended programming mode.

Flexible configuration.

Programmable alarm loop response to the triggering of detectors.



We sell and assemble:

Fire extinguishing modules.



LPG (TYCO) equipment meets the requirements of Russian regulations and fire safety requirements and has the necessary Russian certificates.


We sell and assemble, conduct inspection and examination of:

Gaseous fire suppression modules.




Environmentally friendly (gas diffuses in the atmosphere).

Low cost.

Unrestricted temperature control.

High speed (compared to water) fire suppression.



We sell and assemble:

Dispatch cabinets

Control Units

Actuating devices



Reduced energy consumption by optimizing the operation of the equipment.

Low operating costs.

Opportunity to:

Combine several geographically remote facilities into a single system.

Increase the system without changing the existing structure.

Transmit data to a mobile phone, pager, fax, or e-mail.

Obtaining timely information on all emergencies in equipment operation.



We sell and assemble:

Devices for organizing the voice alarm system and music broadcasting.



High-quality sound.

Background music and advertisement broadcasting.

"Live" voice messages.


Support features.


LLC Pozh Avtomatika

We install, sell, manufacture, recharge and inspect gaseous fire suppression modules.


Full compliance with Russian standards.

The high quality modules at reasonable price.



We sell and assemble:

Fire extinguishing and smoke removal automatic machinery.

Fire extinguishing pumps.

Control panel for automatic fire alarm system



Ability to adapt to any particular object.

Full compliance with Russian standards.



We sell and assemble:

Background music and voice announcement broadcasting.



High quality equipment.

Easy to manage and use.

Stylish design.

European certificate and certificate of compliance are available.



We sell and assemble:

Background music and voice announcement broadcasting.



Always in stock.

Easy installation.

High quality sound.


What are the advantages of cooperation with the group of companies Fire Union?

1. Fast delivery, high quality installation of reliable equipment at low prices.

2. Minimization of the costs of design, installation, purchase and use of all components of the fire suppression system.

3. Security systems corresponding to all applicable national regulations.


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