Group of companies

Quality! Quality! And quality! That is what our group of companies takes care of. In the group of companies “Fire Union” it is accepted to pay special attention to quality. That is why such line of development was chosen instead of carrying out activities based on a single legal entity.

The legal aspects of operation of different kinds of organizations are the key factors, according to which this choice was made, for example, normal Limited Liability Company may not carry out educational activities, and the organization that provides services for installation of fire protection systems shall not be entitled to fulfil functions of a self-regulatory company.

All these aspects have caused the creation of several organizations involved in various economic activities.

In addition, during the development of our company, it became clear that due to the large number of customers it is difficult to provide high quality services in the regions of Russia. This, in turn, caused the establishment of representative offices in Russian regions based on the already functioning enterprises with their own quality systems and implementation of services in the field of fire safety at a highly professional level.

The group of companies “Fire Union” using this kind of unusual mechanisms of interaction with regional representatives and inside, has the opportunity to develop various mechanisms of cost savings for customers. That, of course, affects our fruitful cooperation with them. For example, some of our representatives, organizing the processes of fire doors production in order to expand customer base, are ready to give good discounts and receive a steady stream of customers. These capabilities are used in various areas, from training to equipment supply.

For you, as a consumer of services of the group of companies “Fire Union”, it is safe and beneficial to work with a reliable mechanism that combines different areas of fire protection measures.

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