Training center or how to avoid conflicts with State Fire Supervision

It's not easy to interact with firemen - each inspection usually ends with a fine or order.

The acquisition of knowledge in the field of fire safety leads to strict observance of the rules of fire fighting regime and, as a consequence, to the absence of complaints from the supervisory authorities.

Not every lawyer can render worthy opposition to fire safety inspectors: one must know too many subtleties and documents.

Graduates of the Educational Center of the Group of Companies “FireUnion” know how to do it.
Training center is your opportunity to be at your best when dealing with supervisors and other auditors.

After passing a course, you will be able to:

·         Provide 100% safety in your company

·         Keep records properly

·         Pass current inspections successfully

·         Optimize the cost of fire safety and safety measures

·         Anticipate and avoid danger and act correctly in case of its occurrence

The main thing is that after the training you will no longer be subject to unscheduled inspections of the State Fire Supervision, and routine inspections will no longer result in fines and orders.

You will learn how to:

• Foresee the danger.

• Avoid it.

• Act on the best scenario.

The training center is the first and very important stage of safety organization in the enterprise.

 At the moment you will find we have more than 40 training programs established for training in different areas of activity for people of any level of responsibility.   

This is important for you!

·         The Educational Center under the Group of Companies “Fire Union” is a licensed educational institution (license 71836 from the Ministry of Education), which has an accreditation certificate, certificate of competence and other documents confirming the Center's right to conduct training in the field of fire safety.

·         You will trained by teachers of government agencies. They know exactly who, what and how to teach.

·         You will be trained on any of the (more than 40) programs of interest to you (our methodologists develop them independently).

We provide training on the following programs:

  1. Minimum Fire Safety Standards (20 and 40)
  2. Fire Safety
  3. Labor protection
  4. Electrical safety
  5. Radiation safety
  6.  Advanced training of experts in the field of certification of products and services.
  7. Civil defense.
  8. Installation, maintenance and repair of engineering and other systems, commissioning, etc.
  9. Labor protection. Work at height.

At the end of the course you will receive a certificate with the “B” degree of protection, the sign of the organization, the form number, illuminated in the ultraviolet, with hair impregnation, microtext on the background of the Russian Federation map.

Important: We provide training for more than 40 training programs, including comprehensive design for construction, design, installation, etc. If you need, licensed professionals can develop any program required by the Customer.

• Choose any form of training convenient for you: full-time, in absentia or distance learning.

• You can study all Federal Laws, Decrees, Orders, Сodes, Regulations and other documents related to fire safety.

• Learn how to create and obtain samples of all the documents necessary for activities in the field of Civil Defense, Fire Safety, Emergency Situations.

All this will help to avoid penalties for violation of fire safety regulations and rules.


After graduation, you will create a complete safety for your employees and stop paying fines for violation of fire safety rules.

We will teach you fire safety!


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