Since 2007 on the territory of Russia, legally organized system of self-regulating organizations has been operating; it has already obliged many companies, working in the field of construction, to be members of the SRO.

The main objectives of non-profit partnership “Self-regulating organization of experts of fire safety “Fire Union” are provision of a high quality and safe performance of work; the provision of services and execution of works by members of self-regulatory organization; and avoidance of possible damage to health and human lives, flora and fauna, cultural objects (historical and cultural monuments), property of citizens and legal entities, state and municipal property during works in the field of fire safety.

Group of companies "Fire Union" is a co-developer of modern projects of normative legal acts regulating the activities of self-regulatory organizations in the field of fire safety and, accordingly, is a founder of the national association of self-regulatory organizations based on membership providing services in the field of fire safety. Due to this close collaboration, and in fact control of Russian fire industry, members of our SRO feel support and guarantee of the stability of their business.

SRO “Fire Union” is a non-profit organization that has acquired the status of a self-regulatory organization based on the Russian law on self-regulation in order to control and organize activities of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs providing services and carrying out works in the field of fire safety.


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