Spend some time and money on special technical specifications development and fire risk assessment and stop paying fines

Imagine a company that decided to save on compliance with the Fire Safety Rules. Do you think this does not happen? But some organizations, unlike yours, take this risk.


It is about saving on special technical specifications development (if necessary) and incorrect fire risk assessment.



"Independent fire risk assessment" or "fire safety audit" is a complete survey of the site in terms of its fire safety. It includes:


· Collection, creation and analysis of documentation.

· Actual object monitoring.

· Carrying out of tests and examinations, including fire risk assessment.

· Preparation of a conclusion on the state of the facility.

As a professional executive, you know that independent fire risk assessment and its development rules and the need of special technical specifications development are regulated by Federal Laws and Resolutions. They should be conducted by accredited specialists.


Important! If independent fire risk assessment is carried out at the enterprise, the EMERCOM of Russia authorities do not have the right to conduct supervision at the facility under consideration.
However, not all licensed companies can offer the services of truly competent specialists, and not all professionals have licenses for such types of services.


It leads to low level of services provided, troubles with inspection bodies and fines.


But all this is not so important in comparison with the facts.


Incorrectly calculated risks and illiterate decisions made in special technical specifications, as well as improper organization of fire safety, lead to people death.
To prevent this, you must:


· Not only choose a worthy company for special technical specifications development, but also to get acquainted with the specialists who will perform necessary works. The professionalism of experts, the working climate in the team, the organization of managers are all essential parts of well-executed work.

· By conducting tender, remember that an incredibly low price is a sign of scammers activity. Special technical specifications development is not cheap.
· Beware of intermediaries! They "wind" up to 200% of the cost of work.

· Remember: to do fire risk assessment, the organization must be accredited by the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia. Do not trust names - check documentation.


Fortunately, all these problems can be solved if you turn to the Group of Companies “Fire Union” for implementation of fire safety measures.
What are special technical specifications (STS)?


STS are:

· A package of requirements that must be observed in the construction, design and operation of facilities.

· Technical standards, additional to existing or missing, which reflect the uniqueness of engineering surveys, the creation of a project, the construction, the operation of a particular facility.

Under what conditions you need STS?


1. If there are not enough reliability or security requirement for the development of a construction project.

2. If such requirements are not established.

3. If the project assumes deviations from the established standards.

Why you need STS? 
· To regulate the disputed issues related to the contradictions in the regulations.

· To create the most effective solutions.

· To determine the list and features of compensatory measures.


What stages should be present when STS development?


1. The Customer shall provide technical assignment and information about the General Design Organization.

2. Agreement and STS development. The following information required:


· About the Customer, the project organization, the executors, the grounds and standards used in the development of the facility.

· On design, space planning and general plan solutions.

· On engineering systems.

· On organizational and technical measures at the stage of operation.

· Coordination between the Customers and the Contractors of the created document edition.

3. Coordinations and adjustments:

· Coordination in the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia.

· Coordination in the Ministry of Construction of Russia.

· Elimination of possible comments.

· STS delivery to the Customer.
Important! We provide the Customer with a ready-made document containing:


· Explanatory note justifying the need of STS development.

· A detailed justification of this need.

· STS: Agreed, numbered, signed and sealed.


How long does it take to develop and approve STS?
In accordance with the existing regulations it takes up to 30 working days from receipt of the document in each of the departments.


What are the advantages of turning to the Group of Companies “Fire Union”?


By signing a contract with us, you will get:
· Theoretical justification for the need of special technical specifications development and fire risks assessment, possible deviations from standards and the implementation of compensatory measures.

· Development of normative and technical solutions taking into account the standards.

· Elimination of inconsistencies between your documents and government requirements.

· All documents characterizing fire hazard level of your facility.
As a result, you will receive ready-made documents, developed taking into account the specifics of your company. Also they fully comply with government requirements, Laws and Regulations on Fire Safety Rules.

Three more reasons for cooperation with the Group of Companies “Fire Union”:


1. We have all necessary licenses and certificates.

2. Our specialists themselves examine the object to find out all possible causes of ignition and its impact on people and values.

3. All the necessary examinations, calculations, tests are carried out only by experienced specialists with special education and experience in government bodies.

4. We will not only prepare the necessary documents, but we will also coordinate them in all instances.


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