Stop constantly paying fines to the State Fire Supervision!

When do owners think about the technical documentation for the State Fire Supervision and other inspection bodies?

That's right, most often immediately before the inspection.

What does this lead to?

To pay fines, min. 20 000 rub.

To urgently order measurements, often "fake", and at a very high price.

 It is noted that the spontaneous search for performers of emergency works often leads either to non-professionals or to intermediaries.

   The group of companies Fire Union, which specialize on implementing fire safety measures, quickly and permanently eliminates fines related to fire safety violations.

   We conduct tests of systems and provide electrical laboratory services, and do not deceive money by fraud.

 Since entering into the contract with the Group of Companies Fire Union, compilation and issuance of statements, protocols, condition of fire extinguishers and electrical wiring is our concern.

You get:

Confidence and documentary evidence (based on measurements) of the reliability of electric insulation and safety in all areas.

Control over all power supply systems.

Ready-made technical reports on measurements and tests.

Sheet of defects.

Recommendations on operation and (if necessary) power grids and equipment repair, compiled taking into account all state regulations.

 We conduct:

  Electrical measurements:

Phase-zero loop measurements

Insulation resistance measurements

Residual current devices (RCDs) testings

Circuit breakers check by primary current

Electrical testing to verify the operation of electrical equipment (transformers, shields, protective devices, etc.)

Ground loop resistance measurements

Measurements and control of the operation of all components of the energy supply system.

Complex tests:


Roof fencing.

Fire water supply.

Fire-fighting cranes for water loss.

Fire hose rerolling.

Smoke removal systems.

Fire-extinguishing systems.

Alarm and fire alarm systems.

Testing of fire protection of concrete, wood, metal, constructions of substances and materials.

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   Rolling of fire hoses is an obligatory part of fire fighting system maintenance. To keep them safe in a folded form, the sleeves must be systematically rolled out, washed, rolled again.

Purpose: to keep fire hoses in working condition.


Fire hoses that are stored in warehouses - quarterly.

Fire hoses that are a part of fire fighting system of the enterprise - once in 6 months.

After each use.
 Fire hydrants and internal fire water supply tests:

   Purpose: to determine and subsequently check the pressure of fire plug, water flow rate as well as the height of the water jet for compliance with the standards.

Frequency: in spring and fall each year.

Final document: Protocol and Test Report.

Recharge and repair of fire extinguishers:

   The Group of Companies Fire Union can offer technical maintenance, recharging, painting, repair, hydrotesting of fire extinguishers of any kind.

Purpose: to keep contents of fire extinguishers in working conditions.

Inspection with a record in the passport once a year

Full recharge once in five years

For air-foam fire extinguishers recharge must be done once a year

Final document: the act of recharging.

   Testing of fire stairs, roofs, roofing fences:
 Purpose: to check for compliance with regulations, and maintain in working condition.

Frequency: once in five years.

Final document: the act of verification.

Smoke ventilation and smoke exhaust systems check:

   Purpose: to verify efficiency and compliance with regulations.

Frequency: at least once in two years.

Final document: Verification act.

Checking of fire extinguishing systems:

   Purpose: to verify efficiency and compliance with regulations, as well as to monitor the signal transmission according to the provided system activation algorithm in automatic power control when the signal "Fire" is on.

Frequency: once each year.

Final document: verification act.

  Signal and Fire Alarm Systems check:


Scheduled maintenance;

Elimination of malfunctions and carrying out current repair works;

Professional assistance to the customer to ensure correct operation.

Frequency: once each year.

Final document: verification act.

 Tests of fire protection of concrete, wood, metal, structures of substances and materials:

Purpose: to determine and reduce fire risk of materials, increase fire resistance of structures, fire retardant treatment, bring materials into a state that meets the requirements of the standards.

Frequency: Inspection and tests - annually, impregnation once each three years.

Based on the results of our work:

We develop and issue technical reports on measurements and tests.

We draw up a list of defects, issue recommendations for repair and modernization of operated equipment, taking into account all norms and requirements.

After the completion of work by our specialists, the inspecting authorities will find no violations to impose fines on you.

Carry out comprehensive tests of fire protection systems and be sure in your security.

Why and how often do you need to conduct complex tests of automatic fire protection system?

Purpose: establishing the compliance of operation parameters of the automatic fire protection system with the requirements of regulatory documentation.

The tests are carried out during design, installation of the building, immediately before the delivery of the facility and during its operation, at least every 5 years.

What documents regulate automatic fire protection tests frequency?

   Tests necessity, development procedure of the methods and programs for complex tests, the procedure for their implementation are regulated by normative documents - SP, GOST, SNiP, VSN, NPB, RD. Each check is carried out taking into account several documents regulating the general requirements both for the system as a whole unit and its parameters.

Can an enterprise conduct tests on its own?

   Complex tests are carried out according to the program and methodology approved and agreed with the Supervisory Authorities of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia. Tests of systems are carried out by enterprises (organizations) that operate the systems, or by a specialized organization.

What are the types of system tests?

   Test methods are compiled in accordance with the types of protection systems.


   Tests are conducted for:

Automatic fire extinguishing systems of all types.


automatic fire alarm;

system of warning and management of human evacuation;

automatic smoke protection.

Depending on the scope of work, tests are carried out:

By means of an impact on automatic fire protection system of technical devices simulating the effects of a fire, without starting up fire extinguishing agent.

By means of an impact on automatic fire protection system of technical devices simulating the effects of a fire, with starting up fire extinguishing agent.

Fire tests can be full-scale or model.

What is their purpose of fire tests?

Checking the quality and compliance of the completed installation and commission works with design documentation.

Determination of the actual values of fire protection system parameters.

Automatic fire protection system comprehensive testing.

Checking of:

complex system operability;

intensity of irrigation of the protected area;

automatic triggering and issuance of all necessary signals to the control panel;


How often should all the components of the power system be tested?

   Visual inspection of the phase-zero circuit and measurements between grounded installations: according to the maintenance plan, but not less than once in six months. The more often a visual inspection is carried out, the more reliable the system is.

Tests of operation of the differential current device and other electrical measurements and tests are carried out at least quarterly and always before switching on.

  Is it difficult or complicated for you? 
The Group of Companies Fire Union will conduct all the tests for you. We have all necessary licenses, certificates and permitions.

Why you shall never do rerolling of fire hoses independently?

Organization can do it independently if only it has specialists and equipment. However, in most cases this special hydraulic equipment and devices for the correct fire hoses reroll are not available at every enterprise. Therefore, if you want to successfully pass inspections you need to contact the Group of Companies Fire Union.

Based on the test results, you will receive a certificate confirming the operability of the system.

   Why is cooperation with the Group of Companies Fire Union beneficial for you?

The Group of Companies Fire Union has all the necessary licenses and other permits to conduct such kind of works and issue opinions according to tests results.

In addition to electric laboratory services, we can offer:

Special technical conditions development.

Fire risks assessment.

Check and maintenance of all fire extinguishing systems components.

Educational programs for executives.

Evacuation Plans development.

Fire technical expertise.

The Group of Companies Fire Union is your solution of all fire safety issues and electric laboratory services provider in the shortest time possible.

Advantages of cooperation with the Group of Companies Fire Union:

Convenient time for services: you assign the time of work yourself.

Reasonable prices.

You do not overpay for equipment rental: we have everything you need.

You do not overpay for mediation: in our company there are only specialists who directly conduct works for you.

We do not promise the lowest prices: only fake reports are cheap. But usually they are the cause of fines, the size of which is ten times higher than the cost of qualitatively and timely measurements.

You are a great leader and remember that miser pays twice.

Stop constantly paying fines to the State Fire Supervision!


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