The Fire union group of companies will consider offers on placement on information website about offered by your organization of fire and technical production and services in the field of ensuring fire safety. 

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Certified organization Transkonsalting  
the company specializing in certification in Moscow...In more detail 

Expert and design services
The Pozhekspertiza organization is the team of experts with the high level of professional education and versatile experience of participation in difficult and unique projects in the field of fire safety. In the work we use modern technologies of inspection and the analysis of fire danger of subjects to protection, an integrated approach...In more detail  

Assembly and design services
We have accumulated wide experience in the field of ensuring fire safety and have achieved essential results and trust from many domestic and foreign organizations ...In more detail  

Services in the field of certification
The Certificates of Russia organization, it is accredited to the right of work on confirmation of compliance of production...In more detail  

The solution of questions with economic efficiency
The Pozhekonomekspert organization is included into group of companies, rendering services in the fire-prevention market...In more detail  

The solution of questions with bodies of the state fire supervision
In the course of implementation of business activity there is a need for receiving the qualified help sooner or later, including legal, in connection with conducting checks by supervisory authorities...In more detail  

The training center in the field of fire safety
The autonomous nonprofit organization of additional education "The scientific and educational center in the field of fire safety Prometheus (ANO DO "NOTs "Prometheus") is non-profit educational institution and successfully develops in the market of business and professional education...In more detail  

Online store of the test equipment

Our company specializes in delivery of the test equipment in the field of fire and explosion safety of substances and materials, tests of cable production for non-proliferation of burning, definitions of time of operability of cable products, determination of quality of foaming agents and other similar production...In more detail  

Mounting and design of warning systems and fire warning 

Automatic fire warning one of the most important fire protection systems of the building...In more detail

Online store of the fire-fighting equipment
Pozhsoyuz does everything for convenience of the clients: delivery of the equipment to the necessary address or to transport company, a possibility of non-cash payment, consultation of our experts. We make both retail deliveries of the fire-fighting equipment, and wholesale...In more detail 

Fireproof processing of designs and materials
Works on fire protection, unlike fire-prevention actions, have the maximum decrease in damage of a design in case the fire nevertheless has happened...In more detail 

Gas fire extinguishing 
This type of fire extinguishing at which gas fire extinguishing structures are applied to suppression of ignitions and the fires...In more detail   

Complex finishing of rooms
We offer a full complex of repair and finishing services...In more detail  

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