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Our actual address of location: 

st. on March 8, house 16, city of Lyubertsy, Moscow region, index 140007 

Multichannel phone / fax +7 (495) 374-56-88

Schedule of load of office

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How to reach?: from the metro station Vykhino by bus or the share taxi No. 472

Our organization is included into Pozhsoyuz group of companies, below you can examine all our services:

Self-regulatory organization in the field of fire safety 
Expert project services
Mounting project services 
Services in the field of certification 
The solution of questions with economic efficiency 
The solution of questions with organs of the state fire supervision
Learning center in the field of fire safety 
E-commerce shop of the test equipment
Mounting and design of warning systems and fire warning
E-commerce shop of the fire-fighting equipment
Fireproof processing of constructions and materials
Gas fire extinguishing
Complex finishing of locations

Наши филиалы:

  • St. Petersburg
    +7(812) 958-21-79
  • V. Novgorod
    +7(8162) 948-995
  • Saransk
    +7(8342) 302-922
  • Krasnodar