Тушение пожаров

Private Fire Protection Service of the Group of companies “Fire Union” is a professional unit that provides a range of services in the field of fire extinguishing.

Our fire brigade is not inferior to the organs of the State Fire Service, and in some moments surpasses it.

Our main goal is the comprehensive provision of fire safety services at various facilities in such areas as: fire elimination, prevention of fire, rescue of people and property, emergency rescue works, and other activities in the field of fire safety, depending on the needs and requirements of the customer.

Employees of private fire protection brigade of the Group of Companies "Fire Union" have all the necessary medical certificates, approvals, licenses as well as initial fire training and extensive experience in the service of the Federal Fire Service bodies. Also they regularly undergo a medical commission, upgrade their qualifications and conduct trainings.

A number of advantages of private fire protection over federal services:

- Individual approach to each customer with full compliance with legislation;

- The number of personnel and equipment is determined by the owner;

- Guaranteed time response to the signal of a fire;

- Confidentiality of information about the client`s object;

Private fire protection cooperates with the state fire service.

When entering into the contract, private fire protection informs the Federal Border Guard authorities on the start of work on this facility, provides information on its fire risk, the number and type of fire fighting equipment, the availability of personal protective equipment, etc.

Depending on contract and the type of fire hazard of the object, different tasks are assigned to private fire brigade. For their implementation an individual instruction is developed by the fire safety department at the facilities.

The number of fire engines at the facility is calculated according to existing norms and regulations, and also based on the calculation of water discharge for external fire fighting, fire trucks technical equipment and fire hazard indicators of the protected facility. Individual calculation is carried out for each object.

The standard shift of duty on one site consists of:

- Fire-fighting vehicle or an additional rescue vehicle fully equipped with fire extinguishing means (fire hoses, crowbars, hooks, standpipes, rescue ropes, foam generators, fire escapes, stream lights, personal protective equipment, communication equipment and combat equipment)

The personnel on the shift consists of:

- Head of the duty shift;

- Dispatcher (takes the call and coordinates the actions of personnel);

-The driver of a fire or rescue vehicle;

- Firefighters (a minimum of three people, providing gas and smoke protection).

The list of services provided by us when concluding an agreement for private fire protection of the facility:

- Round-the-clock duty at the facility;

- Comprehensive fire prevention measures;

- Fire truck at the site, in places of cultural events;

- Duty of the fire brigade with or without a car, during fire hazardous works;

- Fire safety at sporting events;

- Training on fire elimination and evacuation; tactical exercises in fire safety;

- First-aid training, resuscitation exercises on the latest generation of simulators.

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