Перекатка пожарных рукавов

Fire hoses are an integral part of fire-fighting equipment of buildings, trains and ships, as well as the vehicles of fire fighting services. It must be attached to the fire hydrant and fire barrel and placed in sealed fire cabinets made of incombustible materials. Government of the Russian Federation. Resolution N 390 of April 25, 2012. "On fire prevention practices". 

Fire hose is a flexible pipeline with couplings for transportation of fire-extinguishing agents. 

Types of fire hoses: 

  ·         Suction hose. This is a specific type of fire hose used in drafting operations, when a fire engine uses a vacuum to draw water from a portable water tank, pool, or other static water source.
   ·         Suction and pressure hose. This is a soft textile hose frame with a spring steel spiral and soft cuffs for attaching to the valve. They are designed for suction or injection of fluids using a pump.
   ·        Flexible pressure hose, used for transportation of water under overpressure.

 Note. When stored, fire hoses must be rolled up for maximum safety (regardless of the material and functional purposes).

   Note. When stored in a roll, fire hoses become flat, crack, break and lose their efficiency.

  To keep hoses in the proper form, they need rerolling.

 The group of companies "Fire Union" rerolls fire hoses in accordance with applicable requirements and regulations. After work we represent a sample of the desired act on hoses rerolling on a new bedroll.
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 The main objective: to keep fire hoses in working condition.
·         If stored in warehouses, hoses are to be rerolled quarterly
 ·         In the enterprise, belonging to fire-extinguishing system - every 6 months.
 ·         After each use. 
We will pick your fire hoses, maintain and bring them back. 

 Fire hoses shall be rerolled only by the specialists.

 There are certain requirements that define the stages and features of hoses reroll.
 Note. Fire hoses shall be rerolled only by a licensed organization. To cope with this procedure is practically impossible without special equipment.

 The group of companies "Fire Union" has all the necessary equipment to reroll hoses in accordance with existing regulations.

 The main features of the process

 It consists of several stages: 

·         Washing and drying of hoses.
 ·         If necessary, repairing of hoses by method of vulcanization.
 ·         Rerolling of hoses on a new seam with 90° offset.

 There are different types of fire hoses reroll: 

·         Single (for storage).
 ·         double or zig-zag (for fire hydrant).
 ·         Eight curve (to collect fire hoses before further drying and repair).

 The experts of the Group of companies "Fire Union" are able to reroll hoses using any technic.

   Note. Apart from rerolling, regulations require mandatory testing of fire hoses.

   The main purpose is: identification of mechanical strength and water resistance of hoses.
   Such test shall be carried out for:
 ·         new hoses (before use).
 ·         hoses, which have undergone harmful mechanical, thermal and chemical effects.
 ·         hoses after repair, regardless of the degree of complexity of repair.

   Any maintenance can be carried out only by qualified specialists. 

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