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One of the activities of the Group of Companies "Fire Union" is fire-fighting equipment selling.

Like many decent organizations, we focus on the quality of the equipment that we sell. When selecting suppliers of fire fighting equipment, we take into account its importance and role in the localization and elimination of fires, thus, we choose only high-quality goods.

The Group of Companies "Fire Union" offers its customers a full range of fire fighting equipment: from standard primary fire extinguishing equipment to the latest developments in the field of fire safety.

Fire Hoses


Fire hose barrels

Equipment for extinguishing forest fires

Fire extinguishes

Component parts for fire extinguishers

Mounting Brackets

Fire hydrants

Water-folding columns

Water flow and pressure regulators

Flanged stands

Fire extinguishing powders

Fire escape staircases

Fire Fighting Equipment

Water Foam Equipment

Rescue means

Breathing Apparatus

Lighting devices

Cabinets for fire-fighting

Shields and stands

Stands for fire extinguishers and hoses

Stop valves


Entrenching tool

Key storage cases

Fire doors

Polygraph products

We work with the leading manufacturers of fire equipment. Thanks to long-standing business and trust relationships, we were given the responsibility to fulfill the warranty obligations of the manufacturers' factories. Due to responsible approach and timely fulfillment of our obligations, we have earned the reputation of a reliable and honest business partner.

In our projects we use the latest equipment from both domestic and foreign manufacturers. All fire fighting equipment supplied by us is accompanied by a full package of permits and documentation, all equipment, subject to mandatory certification by the Ministry of Emergency Situations, has all the necessary certificates. We also have permits and licenses for repair and maintenance of fire fighting equipment.

The main priorities in our work are:

- Control of quality of supplied products

- Weighted pricing

- Individual approach to the client

- Training and development of staff

We introduce and improve the discount system for corporate clients. Individual approach to a potential client is one of our priorities. Special departments are subjected to our VIP customers.

Since the moment of foundation, the Group of Companies “Fire Union” has taken as a basis in its work a trustworthy relationship with the client and a guarantee of the quality of the performed services. This approach has allowed us to gain a foothold in this type of services and maintain a well-deserved reputation in the market of supply of fire fighting equipment.

Careful selection and training of managers in the Group of Companies “Fire Union” guarantees that our clients receive exhaustive information in the decision to equip an object with any level of complexity fire fighting equipment. This, in turn, makes it possible to realize and implement projects to equip objects with fire fighting equipment.

Such approach makes it possible to fulfill orders of large domestic and international companies located on the territory of the Russian Federation.


Regardless of the complexity, uniqueness or simplicity of the project, the Group of Companies "Fire Union" seeks to build a long-term relationship with the customer, so that the cooperation with us will be cost-effective and convenient to the client. We respect the needs of each partner, we value his choice and make every effort to expand the range of goods and improve the quality of service.


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