Изготовление планов эвакуации

     Emergency evacuation plan is a mandatory document, which clearly states: 


· Evacuation exits and paths leading to them.

· Behavior rules.

· Duties of staff in case of ignition and fire.


Evacuation plan shall be posted on the most prominent place of a room.

The group of companies "Fire Union" develops emergency evacuation plans that meet all applicable standards.


Evacuation plan on paper in a frame



A-2 (60*40)

In a frame-2500 rubles

No frame-2200 rubles

A-3 (30*40)

In a frame-2400 rubles

No frame-1900 rubles

Evacuation plan on paper coated with photoluminescent film, framed (GOST R 12.2.143-2009)

A-2 (60*40)

In a frame- 3100 rubles

No frame- 2800 rubles

A-3 (30*40)

In a frame- 2900 rubles

No frame-2600 rubles


Note: when ordering from 10 plans, the customer is offered a discount.

Stages of development of evacuation plan


1. Consideration of the application, signing of the contract with the group of companies "Fire Union".

2. Formation of a set of documents, including:

· Floors plan

· Name of the head of the company and the person responsible for fire safety.

· Essential elements of the organization.

3. Development of the drawing of building with marked evacuation routes.

4. Sending a document to the Customer for drawing marks:

· T-telephone.

· E-electric panel.

· F-fire extinguisher.

· FH-fire hydrant.

· K-keys.

· M-manual fire detector.

· A-first aid kit

· L-evacuation plan location

5. Giving back the document to the group of companies "Fire Union" to do final corrections and drawings.

6. Printing 

7. Lamination of the document with photoluminescent film.

8. Providing the customer with the plan and then placing it.


Note: emergency evacuation plan is usually posted on prominent locations (near exits or stairwells).


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