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Maintenance of primary fire extinguishing means is one of the main duties of those people responsible for fire safety. Fire extinguishers are the first means of combating ignition and extinguishing fires.

Therefore, to ensure the reliability and availability of fire extinguishers, we conduct their maintenance, discover potential problems and eliminate them. For this purpose, there is a station for fire extinguisher maintenance.

We have modern equipment to perform high-level works such as inspection of fire extinguishing agent; test, repair and recharge of fire extinguishers. We have selected a team of highly skilled professionals with extensive experience and specially trained to carry out fire extinguishers maintenance skillfully and competently.

Our specialists will advise you on maintenance, recharge and technological process concerning the primary fire extinguishing equipment. When working with the customer, our primary concern is the solution of your problems in the field of fire safety. We are used to build long-term relationship with our clients. You will find a reliable and trustworthy supplier of firefighting services and equipment. Our specialists can advise on any question concerning fire safety. We`ve developed a flexible discount system not only on services but also on the whole range of fire-fighting equipment.

Fire extinguisher maintenance is a complex of measures aimed to prevent malfunctions and ensure its efficiency in a standby mode, while transportation and storage. Fire extinguishers shall be maintained in case of visible damages, the lack of labels, seals or blocking devices, presence of mechanical damages and corrosion, the absence of operating pressure. They also are to be maintained after the end of the warranty period, after its usage as well as with the onset of the next period of maintenance.

The maintenance of fire extinguishers includes the following steps:

inspection of fire extinguishing agent

recharge of fire extinguishers

examination of fire extinguishers

repair of fire extinguishers

write-off of fire extinguishers.


Inspection of fire extinguishing agent is a stage of the process of fire extinguisher maintenance which aim is to determine the technical condition of fire extinguisher, to find a malfunction and to decide whether it needs repairing, inspecting, recharging or writing-off. At an annual technical inspection a powder fire extinguisher (not less than 3% of the total number of fire extinguishers of the same brand, but not less than 1 item) is disassembled. Then fire extinguishing powder is inspected according to such basic operational parameters as overall appearance, presence of lumps or foreign objects, possibility of splitting small lumps to the pulverized state as they fall from 20 cm height, moisture and dispersion. If at least one of the parameters does not meet the requirements of the normative and technical documentation, all fire extinguishers of this brand shall be recharged.


Inspection of fire extinguishing agent and dry powder fire extinguishers includes the following operations:

Checking the marketable condition of a fire extinguisher

Checking the quality of the powder

Checking a pressure gauge

Replacing a seal

Sticking on a label that fire extinguisher maintenance has been conducted.


Inspection of fire extinguishing agent and carbon dioxide fire extinguishers includes the following operations:

Checking the marketable condition of a fire extinguisher

Weighing of a fire extinguisher (to determine the amount of carbon dioxide in it)

Replacing a seal

Sticking on a label that fire extinguisher maintenance has been conducted.


Inspection and testing of fire extinguishing agent is a fire extinguisher inspection for compliance with its requirements. During this process, pressure in the housing is determined, a fire extinguisher is weighed, the signs of deformation and damages are checked and range of the following works to be executed is determined.

Fire extinguishers recharge is a stage of the process of fire extinguisher maintenance which aim is to replace the fire extinguishing agent. Once in five years a complete replacement of the extinguishing agent is conducted as well as the hydraulic pressure test of fire extinguishers. Fire extinguishers shall be recharged after their use for the intended purpose or after examination results.

Powder fire extinguishers, that are mounted in vehicles or those that have undergone the adverse climatic and (or) mechanical factors, must be recharged at least once a year. After recharging carbon dioxide fire extinguishers and stored pressure type fire extinguishers, they are checked on impermeability.

All fire extinguishers shall be recharged immediately after their use, or in case the amount of gaseous fire extinguishing agent or displacing gas (in 1 year) exceeds the limit (GOST 51057 and GOST R 51017), but not less than terms specified in Table 1.

When recharging, the body of fire extinguishers of low or high pressure are subjected to a hydrostatic pressure test according to the requirements of GOST R 51017.


Fire extinguisher body examination is a step of the process of fire extinguisher maintenance, the purpose of which is to establish the absence of damages and operability of the body and/or cartridge with propellant, to test their strength by carrying out hydraulic tests and to decide on their possible further operation. Fire extinguisher body examination must be conducted not less than once every five years and in case of detection of various kinds of hollows or rust on the body.  Then our specialists apply a label, indicating the timing of the next compulsory examination.

Fire extinguisher repair

Fire extinguishers repair. Replacement of damaged and worn out details and component units of a fire extinguisher. After repairing a body, fire extinguisher is to be examined.

Writing-off of fire extinguishers

A fire extinguisher must be written off in case of failure to bring it in compliance with the standards, according to GOST 51017 and GOST 51057.

A fire extinguisher also shall be written off in the case of its burst or deformation of the body during fire extinguisher body examination.



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