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Fire extinguishers maintenance is a rather complicated technological process; nevertheless, recharging is a quick and not expensive alternative to buying new fire extinguisher.

Recharging of fire extinguishers can be carried out only by organizations that has been licensed of the State Fire Service for this type of activity, as well as specialists who have been trained.

The Group of Companies "Fire Union" has all necessary licenses and permits, highly qualified specialists and fully equipped service center.

The use of high-quality materials, spare parts and an individual approach to each client, guarantees the high quality of the work and services provided. Recharging your fire extinguishers, we take responsibility for your safety in the event of fire hazard situation, because fire extinguisher is handy and one of the simplest primary firefighting means.

During the maintenance, our specialists conduct fire extinguishers inspection, fire extinguishing agent check, examination (check of fire extinguisher body under pressure, once every 10 years), fire extinguisher body painting, and components replacement (if necessary). They also apply the organization`s seal, a tag with the date of recharge, the date of the recommended next maintenance, and operating instructions.

In the process of powder fire extinguishers recharging, our specialist opens the fire extinguisher body, checks the fire extinguishing powder for friability, the presence of lumps and the absence of moisture. The body of the opened fire extinguisher is dried and filled with a new powder corresponding to this type of fire extinguisher. If necessary, some accessories\components of fire extinguisher may be replaced. Powder fire extinguishers maintenance is carried out once a year (checking of fire extinguishing agent selectively from 3% of fire extinguishers from one consignment). Recharging is carried out once in five years from the start of fire extinguisher operation or in case of increasing or decreasing of the housing pressure. It also depends on operating conditions, for example, automobile and weather-exposed fire extinguishers must be recharged at least once a year.

Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers are inspected, weighed, if the loss of carbon dioxide is more than 5%, they are subject to recharge. Maintenance is carried out once a year (checking of fire extinguishing agent selectively from 3% of fire extinguishers from one consignment), and recharging is done once every five years from the date of commissioning.

Air-foam fire extinguishers are mandatory for recharging once a year.

Rechargeable fire extinguishers are not inferior to new equipment in terms of their technical characteristics.

The cost of maintenance of fire extinguishers is calculated based on the cost of raw materials (purchase of high-quality materials and components, production needs such as electricity, equipment, etc.), printing services.

Therefore, the price of fire extinguishers maintenance cannot be too low.

If you are offered to recharge fire extinguishers for a symbolic price, it’s more likely that a sticker with a recharge date will be simply replaced, and when the accident happens, this fire extinguisher will probably not work.

Do not skimp on your own safety and the safety of your loved ones, choose proven organizations with vast experience and excellent reputation.


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