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On the Internet there is an uncountable amount of information, relating to the issues of providing buildings with fire protection equipment. But all this information is usually reduced to the banal phrases like "you should definitely install an alarm system; otherwise, the inspector of the state fire supervision will come and impose fees”. That is true, but there are a lot of nuances about which the owners of the objects certainly know, but do not often remember.

Let's try to reveal some nuances of our work, and, thus, try to convince you to work with us!

The first and most important factor is that the presence of a fire alarm or fire extinguishing system, as well as the availability of fire station nearby, does not affect the occurrence of a fire!

Fire arises from different factors: careless handling of fire, arson, short circuit, etc.

Mounted on the site, the systems allow not to exclude the possibility of a fire (although, there are such systems), but to minimize the possible damage from its consequences or to save the owner of the facility from criminal liability, eliminating the death of people in a fire. This is the main reason why you need to install fire protection systems on your site, rather than to be afraid of the inspector.

Of course, we do not forget about the law, and during the construction of any facility, the issues of installing systems, designed by us are legally justified. When accepting installation works, supervisory and control bodies will check the availability and operability of firefighting systems.

Working with us you can be sure in the quality of work. After all, having 12 years of experience, we managed to mount a sufficient number of fire protection systems from signaling systems to gaseous fire suppression systems.

During this period, we gained support of leading manufacturers of fire protection systems and can offer much cheaper prices than many beginning organizations. Also we usually apply various systems of crediting clients and offsets of performed works.

There are various laboratories (electro laboratory, Voluntary Certification System laboratory), that function as a part of the Group of Companies “Fire Union”. This allows you to independently assess performed works, and, if necessary, make adjustments to the assembled system.

All this gives you guaranteed quality!

Working with us you get:

· Installation, repair and maintenance of alarm and warning systems

· Installation, repair and maintenance of smoke extraction systems

· Installation, repair and maintenance of fire-extinguishing systems (including gaseous fire extinguishing systems)

· Installation of fire doors

· Fire protection work

· Installation, repair and maintenance of internal and external fire water supply

· Fire hoses rerolling. 

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