Испытание пожарных лестниц

Most of the buildings and construction have emergency staircases and roof fencing, which in any season shall be in good condition and at a high technical level, as their main purpose is directly related to evacuation and access for firefighters and rescue teams in case of fire. For this purpose ladders and roof fence tests are conducted.  Fire ladders and roof fences are required to comply with the regulations.

Such tests are conducted at least once in 5 years according to the current decree of the Russian Federation Government of 25.04.2012 No. 390 art. 24. "On fire prevention practices" and states the following: "Head of the organization provides the content of external fire escapes and fences on the roofs (coverings) of buildings and facilities in good condition; organizes operational testing of fire escapes and fences on the roofs at least once in 5 years with the preparation of the corresponding test report; and organizes periodical survey of the condition of means of escape from height in accordance with the technical documentation or technical passport of a product".

Despite the availability of advanced fire protection systems, fire ladders still remain one of the important ways of rescuing people in case of fire. Our experts will perform operational testing of fire escapes and fences on the roofs, at competitive prices.

Operational testing of fire escapes and fences includes constructions survey, stateful inspection, and formation of a set of accounting documents on the status of ladders and fences. Operational testing is conducted according to the methods, specified in GOST R 53254-2009; all of the documents meet the established standards.

While conducting tests, one must investigate the compliance of sizes of exterior fixed ladders and roof fences to the requirements in the technical documentation for their production.

Construction of stairs and fences must be undercoated and painted according to the 7th class in accordance with GOST 9.032. The elements of ladders and fences must be reliably attached to each other, and the whole construct must be safely attached to the wall and the roof of the building. The cracks in the sealing of the beams into the wall, metal breaks and deformation of the structure are strictly prohibited. A step must withstand the test load weight of 1.8 kN (180kgs) The bracket for mounting the vertical ladder to the wall of a building must withstand the test load, determined in accordance with the formula set out in the fire safety regulations NPB 245-2001.

Roof fences must withstand the weight of a falling man. Therefore, at the end of the building and just before the final surrender, it is necessary to carry out a complex of measures, aimed to check the strength of roof fencing. In addition, this test should be conducted every five years and fences durability must be checked at least once a year.

The specialists of the group of companies "Fire Union" conduct outdoor fire escapes tests and roof fencing for compliance with the requirements. 

We use the advanced equipment to carry out ladder and roof fence tests.

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