Экспертиза и проектирование

Fire safety management system is a process which is activated at the stage of making decision on the construction of the building or even earlier - at the stage of land acquisition. At first glance it might seem that the issues are limited to fire safety alarms and extinguishers, but it isn't true.

Even when choosing a land plot for construction of an object, one should understand the approximate costs of fire-fighting water supply for outdoor fire elimination, taking into account the availability of water sources, quantity and water flow rate from the municipal water supply system. One can also have taken into account in advance the system of accesses to the building under construction.

Therefore, examination and design is the main, and most important stage, when the owner of an object faces up to fire safety system.

As a part of expertise and design services you can get:

· Consulting in the field of fire safety at the design stage

· Development and coordination of special technical specifications for the design of the facility

· Examination of special technical specifications in order to harmonize them with the authorities

· The development of the section of the project "measures to ensure fire safety"

· Fire risk assessment

· Calculation of forces and means of fire elimination

· Justification of calculation for fire extinguishing systems, fire alarm and warning systems, fire protection, and smoke elimination

· Development stage "p" and "r" for alarm and warning systems, smoke extraction, fire elimination (including gaseous fire elimination), fire protection of constructions, substances and materials

· Calculations of evacuation in case of fire

· Categorization of buildings, structures, facilities and installations

· Development and production of emergency evacuation plans

· The development of engineering and technical measures of civil defense and emergency situations

· Development of documentation of any complexity on civil defense and emergency situations

· Development of Fire Safety Declaration

· Counseling for acceptance of fire works

· And much more

Expert work is one of the most important stages of fire safety system building that allows to lay economically sound solutions at a very early stage.

Imagine that even such a seemingly not important work on defining categories of premises may allow to save millions. Competent approach, accompanied by a specialist's profound experience, is very important. Defining the correct category may allow not to mount the sprinkler systems and vice versa.

Design is the next stage, that strongly influences the economy of construction! It depends on the designer`s literacy and experience what you will apply on the facility and how. Our experts can competently explain you that by spending a great amount of money on fire safety systems you can save significantly on their further exploitation.

Be sure, that the professional approach of the group of companies "Fire Union" will help to save your money.


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