Аутсорсинг пожарной безопасности

Outsourcing is the transfer of a part of the production functions to external organization, specializing in this area.


This service is in demand as it allows to reduce the company's staff by transferring a part of its functions. 

The group of companies "Fire Union" offers outsourcing to monitor fire safety regime and support in all fire safety issues.


Outsourcing by the group of companies "Fire Union" is:


· Preparation of exhaustive information on violations, their potential risks and the low cost measures to eliminate them.

· Preparation and timely modification of organizational and administrative documents (instructions, orders, programs, evacuation plans in case of fire) in the field of fire safety on the object of the customer.

· Training of customer's personnel in fire safety measures.

· Periodic trainings of customer's personnel in evacuation.

· Organization, training and periodic exercises with volunteer fire brigades.

· All necessary consultations in the field of fire safety.

· Support of all oversight activities on the part of the State Fire Department and the resolution of possible disputes.

· Organization of works to eliminate violations of fire safety requirements on the previously issued regulations.

· Periodic inspection of an object to identify violations of fire safety requirements.

· Monitoring of compliance of fire safety regulations with project design solutions when carrying out construction works within the customer`s objects.

Why is it beneficial for you


Outsourcing by the group of companies "Fire Union" allows you to:


· Save money: outsourcing is cheaper than creating your own structure.

· Save time: timely site survey and filling out paperwork significantly reduce the cost of maintenance of the facility.

· Guarantee security. Compliance with all regulations allows to prevent the risk of ignition.

· Ensure continuity of the process. Our experts, unlike the staff in your organization, do not need holidays, sick leave, etc.

The group of companies "Fire Union" has the license issued by the Ministry of Emergency Situations and all the necessary certificates and permits. We guarantee timely and qualitative provision of services in the field of fire safety according to applicable regulations. 


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