Fire retardant treatment

Fire protection - is a complex of technical works designed to improve fire resistance and reduce the fire hazards of objects, materials or constructions. 

Fire retardant treatment refers to the passive measures of fire safety, as it is implemented without human intervention, and effectively prevents fire.


To prevent the possibility of fire, to prevent the spread of flame.

To ensure the safety of people's lives.

To select the optimal technology and fire retardant treatment system with the obligatory account of operating conditions.

 Fire protection works can be regulated by special technical specifications.

 Important. All works on the fire retardant treatment are carried out only by licensed organizations.

 The group of companies “Fire Union” performs all types of fire protection works, as it has a license, issued by the Ministry of Emergency Situations, to conduct this type of activity.

  We offer 

1. Design of the fire protection project. It regulates the implementation of the necessary fire prevention measures for a particular object and the choice of fire retardant materials and is an obligatory document for a contractor. It can be developed for the entire site or for separate structures to be protected. 
2. Applying of fireproof materials. The method of applying of fire retardant materials depends on the type of surface. These can be powders or aqueous solutions, as well as constructive fire protection.

3. Monitoring and verification of the quality of the work performed in accredited expert centers.

  The main types of fire retardant works 

Important. Fire proof works must be carried out in strict accordance with the developed project.

The specifics of works on fire protection depends on the level of complexity of the work, configuration and type of protected structures or materials.

The group of companies “Fire Union” carries out the main types of fire protection works:
·         Fire protection of wooden structures.
·         Fire protection of metal structures.
·         Fire protection of textile materials.
·         Fire protection of air ducts and smoke extraction systems.
·         Fire protection of concrete.

 Acceptance of fire protection works
 Work on fire protection are considered to be complete if the Commission accepted the works conducted on the object.

The commission consists of: 
·         The customer. 
·         Representatives of the executor. 
·         Representatives of the accredited laboratory.

 During the adoption of fire protection works:

1.      availability of the following documents is checked: 
- design and estimate documentation; 
- conclusion; 
- instructions on the use of fire retardant, counteracting components; 
- acts of works, and license to carry them out. 
2.      Readiness of the facility (including the compliance with deadlines of drying of the protective coating). 
3.      Comparison of the work carried out with fire retardant standards.

Implementation of fire protection works is a complex and troublesome event, requiring special skills and permissions.
The group of companies “Fire Union”, carries out all types of fire protection works, considering the peculiarities of the object and the requirements of the regulations. Please contact us for performing any types of fire protection works.

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