Maintenance of fire protection systems

Maintenance of fire protection systems is a complex of actions, working methods and technologies, which ensure the continuity of the functioning of the fire safety system. 

Aims and objectives of maintenance of fire protection systems

·         Technical inspection of firefighting equipment.
·         Verification of compliance of technical equipment parameters with the standards, set in the project and technical documentation.
·         Timely elimination of the consequences of adverse climatic or production conditions.
·         Identification of false positives and their elimination.
·         Carrying out technical inspection to determine the suitability of the equipment for further use and the need to be replaced.

   Important. To perform maintenance of fire protection systems may only organizations licensed by the Ministry of Emergency Situations for "Assembling, repair and maintenance of the means of fire safety of buildings and structures."

 The Group of Companies “Fire Union” is a licensed organization. We have the right to carry out project designs, installation and maintenance of all types of fire protection systems.

Note: manufacturer conducts free warranties of the systems within the period specified in the warranty.

  Important. Warranty of installation and commissioning organization or manufacturers of the equipment does not exempt the head of the company from the necessity to monitor the efficiency of fire protection systems.

What we offer: 

The specialists of the Group of Companies “Fire Union” carry out all kinds of maintenance of fire protection systems at the periodicity specified in the regulations in force.

 We provide systems maintenance of:

·         Automatic fire alarm
·         Fire notification
·         Access control
·         Firefighting systems
·         Smoke elimination systems
·         Other fire fighting systems and equipment. 

 What is included in the maintenance of fire protection systems

 All works, carried out by our experts, correspond to the general regulations of technical maintenance, fire safety regulations and existing fire safety rules.

 The maintenance includes:

1.      Inspection of the systems to detect external damage.
2.      Operation check of:
- software;
- equipment;
- system settings (and its correction if necessary);
- connectors and connections.
3.      Preventive cleaning of system units, assemblies, terminals.
4.      Measurements of the electrical parameters of the power units.
5.      Teaching employees to use the system correctly.
6.      Giving the customer information on the system status, its possible updates and improvements.
7.      Records in the maintenance logbook.

What you get:

·         Guaranteed protection from current problems and faults.
·         Control over technical condition of fire-fighting equipment.
·         Rapid elimination of breakdowns when they occur.
·         Optimal prices for the maintenance of automatic firefighting systems, without compromising quality of service.
·         Defining the suitability of the equipment for further use and the need of replacement.

As a final result: full compliance of the system with the applicable standards, the absence of penalties and prescriptions of the State Fire Spervision.


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