Installation of firefighting systems

Fire alarm system is a complex of various means and equipment designed to prevent fire (ignition) and aimed to its extinguishing. All components of the system are subject to a single system logic.

Design, calculation and installation of firefighting systems may be carried out only by organization, licensed by the Ministry of Emergency Situations that has admission of the self-regulatory organization and the appropriate accreditation. 

The group of companies Fire Union has all necessary licenses and certificates for activities related to the design, installation and maintenance of firefighting systems.


What does firefighting system include?


Fire Safety Systems (FSS) are not just an obligatory element of engineering services designed to prevent fire, minimize fire damage and save lives. They are like a living, constantly evolving organism that requires proper care and treatment. 
Important. Violation of any part of the Fire Safety Systems leads to death of people and huge material damage. 

The specialists of the group of companies Fire Union have vast experience (more than 11 years) in firefighting system assembling. Our experts know all applicable standards and strictly adhere to them, conducting the design, maintenance and assembling of firefighting systems.
By calling +7 (495) 374-56-88, or writing [email protected] or visiting our site, you can order installation of firefighting systems:
        Automatic fire alarm system. 
        Emergency notification system. 
        Gaseous fire suppression system. 
        Powder fire suppression system. 
        Sprinkler fire suppression system.
        Inner water pipeline. 
        Smoke extraction. 
The task of each system is fire prevention, lives saving, and preservation of material values.

Guarantees and offers of the Group of Companies Fire Union

Conducting project designs and assembling of fire safety systems, we guarantee:
        Detection of fire in its initial stage. 
        Proper technological personnel management and production process in case of evacuation.
        Low cost maintenance of fire safety systems due to complex administration. 
        Clear and accessible management interface of all systems. 
        Safety for people and property at the same time. 
Despite the general increase of prices, we keep prices of previous years.


Name of the system

Rub/m2 project

Rub/m2 Construction and installation works

Rub/m2 Construction and installation works, equipment

Automatic fire suppression system


from 180 

from 460 

Emergency notification system


from 110 

from 310 

Gaseous fire suppression system (Halocarbon) 


600 rub/m3 

9 500 rub/m3 

Gaseous fire suppression system (2) 


350 rub/m3 

5 500 rub/m3 

Powder fire suppression system


from 210 

from 390 

Sprinkler fire suppression system


from 800 

Inner water supply 


from 750 

Smoke extraction 


from 300

from 1000

More information about firefighting systems.
Assembling of automatic fire alarm.
Automatic fire alarm includes such subsystems: 
        Fire alarm. 
        Evacuation management. 
        Water, foam and gaseous fire suppression. 
        Access control. 
        Smoke control and ventilation. 

The task of automatic fire alarm: 

        Detect any signs of ignition (gas, smoke or open fire) at the earliest stage.
        Alarm signal transmission to the control or guard post.
        Informing the staff about the fire.
        Evacuation management. 
        Automatic unlocking of tourniquets, gates, doors for free evacuation. 
        Automatic return of elevators on the 1st floor and their doors opening. 
        Automatic activation of smoke extraction and fire extinguishing systems.
The principle of operation of automatic fire alarm:

Having discovered the signs of ignition at an early stage, automatic fire alarm does the following:
        Turns notification system (voice or light and sound) and evacuation management. 
        At the same time, it transmits the control signals to all the other subsystems: access control, smoke extraction, elevator management, fire suppression system and mechanical ventilation.

The Group of Companies Fire Union offers design, installation (Installation of fire alarm system) and its maintenance in accordance with existing regulations. When entering into the agreement, we conduct diagnosis of the existing fire alarm system for free.

Emergency notification system
Purpose: notification about an emergency and evacuation management.

Normative documents regulating the functioning of emergency notification system:
        "Technical Regulations on Fire Safety Requirements" Federal Law 123-FZ".
         GOST 53325-2009 Firefighting equipment. Automatic firefighting equipment systems. General technical requirements. Test methods.
         Set of Rules SP. "Systems of fire protection. Warning systems and evacuation in case of fire. Fire safety requirements."

Characteristics of types of emergency notification systems:

1.      Notification methods, depending on the type of room:
               Sound (siren or stained special signal).
               Voice (broadcasting of the previously recorded text).
ü Flashing sirens. 
ü Exit signs. 
ü The arrows indicating the direction of movement during evacuation. 
ü Light direction signs with changing meaning.

2.      Separation of the object into the notification areas. 
3.      Feedback from the guard post. 
4.      Centralized control of all systems in the building. 
Types of emergency notification systems: 

        Analogue. Installation is inexpensive, but at the same time, receiving the signal from multiple detectors, the system can not pinpoint the ignition place. 
        Threshold. It specifies the exact location of the fire from a specific detector.
        Complex. Exactly indicates ignition place, focusing on the temperature data, the level of smoke, etc.
Emergency notification systems may be wired or wireless.
The experts of the Group of Companies Fire Union will provide you with the optimal design of the system, based on the characteristics of a particular object.
Gaseous fire suppression system


Elimination of fire without damage to the equipment on the objects with a large number of electrical equipment and high-tech equipment.  

The principle of operation of gaseous fire suppression system

Immediately after the automatic or manual start-up, the system fills the room with gas. Lowering the oxygen concentration makes combustion impossible.
Important: The list of gases for fire extinguishing is defined in SP 5.13130.2009 "Automatic installation of fire alarm and fire suppression systems" (paragraph 8.3.1).
The Group of Companies Fire Union offers design and installation of the gaseous fire suppression system, working on Halocarbon or carbon dioxide


Powder fire suppression system

For local or general firefighting in areas where there are no flammable and pyrophoric materials, chemical materials and substances burning without air access.
The principle of operation 

After automatic or manual start the system provides in ignition zone the fine powder, stopping combustion.
Sprinkler fire suppression system
Sprinkler fire suppression system is a system of running water, constantly ready to supply water or a special liquid formulation under high pressure. 

Industrial, commercial and administrative buildings. Sprinklers are permitted to be installed in locations where only automatic alarm is provided. 
The principle of operation 

After receiving an alarm signal water or a special liquid formulation is sprayed from the sprinkler: a special head, which is most often mounted on the ceiling.
Inner water supply
Inner water supply is a system of technical means and pipes, providing water flow to fire hydrants.



For first aid given by people who are on a burning object or by firefighters who arrived on alert.
        Special. Used exclusively for firefighting purposes. It is recommended for tall buildings.
        Multifunctional. It can be combined with the general water supply.
The Group of Companies Fire Union carries out the design and installation of inner water supply in accordance with the peculiarities of your object, ensuring its full compliance with the established standards. 

Smoke extraction system

Localization of smoke and gas, cleaning of evacuation routes from them and protecting health and lives of people.
Properly designed and installed smoke extraction system helps firefighters to prevent fire from spreading to other rooms, if ventilation is used properly. 


        Gravitational. When an alarm is triggered, the pneumatic actuator opens the skylight dome, mounted on the roof or in windows.
        Automatic. Provides smoke extraction by automatically switching fans. 

The Group of Companies Fire Union will mount smoke extraction system, that is able to work independently or in conjunction with a central fire protection system.

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