Fire doors installation

A door is an important element of any home, making any building complete and providing protection against intrusion.

Fire door, in addition to the above functions, serves as reliable protection against fire; it prevents fire penetration, thus protecting people and property located in the room.

Today, such doors are installed in residential and public areas.

For fire doors production, fireproof materials are used.

Apart from metal, such doors are often made of highly durable glass and wood, pre-impregnated a special composition that helps to resist fire. Each door has a sealant that does not allow the smoke and toxic gases to penetrate. Any fire door is durable and has good sound and heat insulation properties.

In addition, modern design will allow such door to be a part of any interior. Fire resistance of such doors ranges from several minutes to several hours. Depending on the degree of resistance, fire doors are divided into three classes. Often people`s lifes depend on the quality of fire door.

Steel fire doors are used in areas of high fire hazard. Often steel fire doors are mounted at various enterprises, institutions, warehouses and at homes.

Such doors have thermal insulating sealant, that provide many hours of fire resistance so that the door restricts the further spread of fire. The steel door is constructed so that under high temperature, when deformation occurs, it buckles to the free side and not be blocked.

Some models are equipped with an additional system, which allows you to open the locked door from the inside. The seals of fire doors, installed in the living room, should meet high ecological requirements.

Wooden doors have a particularly strong frame and dense fire seals. Last made of special material, which is foamed at very high temperatures. Such seals tightly seal gaps and then block the penetration of smoke into the room. The box of the door is often made of a solid wood and is tightly fitted to the door leaf.

Glass fire doors are made of special fire resistant laminated glass. They have steel profile pipes and fire tape, placed on the door perimeter.

Such constructions can be installed in brick, concrete or stone wall. This model of fire doors are of high functionality, durability and fire resistance.

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