Gaseous fire suppression


Gaseous fire suppression – is a method of fire extinguishing using gaseous fire extinguishing agents. For this purpose, we use liquefied and compressed gases:

·         Carbon dioxide. 
·         Halocarbon. 
·         Nitrogen. 
·         Argon. 
·         Inergen. 

 Important. To mount the gaseous fire suppression system, as well as all the other fire safety systems, may only organization that have license issued by the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

 The group of companies “Fire Union” has a license, issued by the Ministry of Emergency Situations, and all the necessary certificates and permits for the installation of fire protection systems.


·         Fire detection on the entire premises of controlled area. 
·         Supply of fire extinguishing gas. 
·         Fire alert (using the alert system).

 The principle of operation of gaseous fire suppression:

Gaseous fire suppression system runs automatically. When the doors are closed, the sign "Automation is disabled" is lit above the exit. If sensors receives a signal of smoke or fire, smoke detectors are triggered. The signal from them goes to the control unit, which starts up extinguishing. After the allotted time, according to the regulations the room fills with gas through special nozzles. This is indicated by the signal "Gas, go out" inside the room and "Gas, do not come in" – outside the room.

Advantages of gaseous fire suppression system:

·         Simultaneous fire extinguishing throughout the room.
·         The absence of toxic constituents and toxic products of combustion.
·         Safety for sensitive electronic equipment, cultural and historical values, archives, etc.
·         Fire extinguishing in 10-30 seconds. 
·         The absence of static electricity when gas unloading. 
·         The ability to provide independent protection for multiple facilities from a single cylinder with selector valves (there are such plants where up to 40 rooms are protected from a single battery).
·         Gas cylinders can be installed 150 meters away from the protected premises 
·         Inexpensive refill of cylinders is available everywhere, because no special equipment is required for this.

Besides gases, intended to extinguish fire, do not destroy the ozone layer, are removed from the premises by conventional ventilation and "not live" in the atmosphere.

  The group of companies “Fire Union” works only with gaseous fire suppression systems, developed according to ISO.

Where gaseous fire suppression systems can be used:

Gaseous fire suppression systems are mounted at places where water can cause short circuit, damage equipment or destroy cultural values. The areas of application are:

·         Subfloors. 
·         Warehouses. 
·         All areas with sensitive and irreplaceable electronic equipment. 
·         Gas pumping stations, diesel generator. 
·         Places of storage of cultural values. 
·         Sea craft. 
·         Oil complex. 
·         Rooms equipped with: 
- electrical wiring: 
- expensive equipment; 
- with a potentially explosive atmosphere; 
- computers; 
- breakout and television equipment; 
- with technological equipment. 
·         Storage of money resources, archives, libraries. 

  What you get by requesting installation of gaseous fire suppression system: 

·         High quality assembling of the gaseous fire suppression system: 
- with drawings; 
- with the project of works; 
- sectoral, inter-ministerial and federal regulations as required by current standards, the technical documentation of manufacturers of equipment and instruments, existing safety regulations, occupational safety and fire safety.
·         Commissioning and acceptance of works, that are carried out by experts and that meet the requirements of current regulations.

When ordering the installation of gaseous fire suppression system, project design is free of charge!


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