Fire loading

The head of the organization ensures to provide the signs of fire loading as well as zones class on the doors of the premises of industrial and warehouse premises and outdoor installations in accordance with the Federal law, chapters 5, 7 and 8 "Technical regulations on fire safety requirements".  Fire Prevention Regime, par. 20

This requirement is intended to determine what systems should be mounted, prevent fire and ensure the safety of people's lives in case of its occurrence.

This requirement gives inspectors the ability to give prescriptions for expensive fire-fighting equipment, which does not correspond to fire loading of a building.

This means that the cost of installation and maintenance of fire-fighting equipment may be inflated.

The group of companies "Fire Union" will calculate fire loading of the building and determine the class of the zone according to the Electrical Installations Code (Russian Electrical Code or PUE), SP 12.13130.2009 "The definition of categories of rooms, buildings and outdoor facilities for explosion and fire hazard".

How to calculate fire load?


Fire load is assigned on the basis of:

· Types and quantity of explosive and flammable substances in a room.

· Features of space-planning decisions.

· Features of technological processes, taking place in a room.



Type of substances in a room


Flammable gases, flammable liquids with a flash point not exceeding 28°C; substances and materials that can explode and burn in contact with water, air or oxygen or with each other.


Dust or fibers, flammable liquids with a flash point above 28 °С, which when ignited developing the design pressure of explosion in the room. 


Substances and materials capable of contact with water, oxygen, air, or with each other only to burn.


Non-combustible substances and materials in the hot, hot or molten state, the processing of which is accompanied by radiant heat, sparks and flame.


Combustible media and materials in a cold state.




Warehouse type


The type of fire-fighting equipment according to regulations


300 m2 and more

Automatic Fire Suppression System


Automatic fire alarm system




Not subjected to be equipped


The example shows how you can reduce expenses of fire-fighting equipment, if the category of a premise is determined correctly.


The price for fire load is 3300 rubles depending on the amount of media and materials and in a room + plate as a gift.


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