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What to do if you do not deal with fire safety rules? If fire inspectors are constantly imposing prescriptions? If you are liable to pay fines for fire safety rules violation?   

Immediately contact the group of companies "Fire Union" - a licensed organization with its own legal service.

 Note. Our representatives take part in development of normative legal acts in the field of fire safety and in representation of laws in the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation. In our team there are two candidates of legal sciences, who defended their theses on fire safety issue.

  Types of legal services from the Group companies "Fire Union".

 One-time consulting on Fire Safety Rules issues

 · Oral: by phone or Skype, in person at the customer's workplace or at our office.
 · Written (including the compilation of motivated opinions on customer`s questions).

 Subscription services
 · Oral and written advice on fire safety issues.
 · Monitoring of the legislation in the field of fire safety and informing the client of the necessary fire safety measures to carry out on the object.
 · Development of internal documents on fire safety for the customer`s organization.
 · Legal analysis of submitted documents.
 · Representation of client's interests in the state authorities and local self-government, including the appeal of illegal decisions.

 The advantages of subscription services
 1. It's cheaper. You don't have to pay for individual consultations.
 2. It is more reliable. Our experts guarantee the fulfillment of all applicable regulations in the field of fire safety.
 3. It is profitable. You will get rid of prescriptions and fines imposed by the State fire supervision.
 4. It is convenient. We continuously support our customers. 


· Pre-trial settlement of disputes in court. 
· Oral and written consultations before and during disputes in court.
 · Preparation of expanded expert opinion on term of dispute resolution in court.
· Drafting of claims, complaints and other legal documents.
 · Representing clients in arbitration during sessions and disputes in court.  
· Joining the process at any stage of dispute in court.
 · Representation of customer`s interests in court.
· Court disputes with the State authorities.

 The benefits of legal representation

1. Support of our experienced lawyers and specialists in the field of fire safety.
 2. Time saving, no need to be present in court. 
3. The possibility of entering into the judicial process at any stage. 
4. Litigation from the start of working with the group of companies "Fire Union".  

Insurance disputes
 · Oral or written advice of the lawyer and judicial perspective assessment. 
· Preparation of legal opinions on insurance. 
· Representation of customer's interests in all instances. 
· Preparation and submission of an application to the Court. 
· If necessary, appeal against Court decision.  

The main advantages of legal support
1. No need to keep lawyers in your staff. 
2. Highly skilled lawyers of the group of companies "Fire Union" in the field of fire safety. 
3. Professional advice on any question, concerning fire safety. 
4. Solution of any legal issues in the field of fire safety.

If you want to learn more about the legal services of the group of companies "Fire Union". For your convenience we have developed a special website dedicated to legal services in the field of fire safety


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