Certification of products and services

To get a fire certificate is possible only after passing through fire certification.

The purpose of fire certification

·         Ensuring the security of citizens of the Russian Federation.
 ·         Protection from the use of low-quality goods.
 ·         Improving the competitiveness of goods produced in Russia on the foreign and domestic market.
 Control over flammable and fire-technical products that threaten life, health, property and environment. 

Objects for certification (Order from March 28, 1996) N 10)

·         Industry.
 ·         Building industry.
 ·         Entrepreneurial activity.
 Including the products imported to Russia: 
·         Substances and materials.
 ·         Building constructions.
 ·         Means of production and maintenance of fire safety.
 ·         Technological installations.
 ·         Processes.
 ·         Vehicles.
 ·         Electronic, electro technical products, their elements and aggregates.

 Services in the field of fire safety: 

·         Fire protection of the structures.
 ·         Repair and recharging of fire extinguishers.
 ·         Installation, commissioning, maintenance of fire protection systems, etc.

   Note: The list of facilities, on which fire safety requirements and test methods for their control are established, are subject to mandatory certification. 

The list of the group of goods, requiring obligatory certification.

 Fire protection means. 
Equipment and materials used in construction and decoration which are designed for: 

·         evacuation outside or to a safe zone;
·         decoration of railway transport and transport used in the subway.

Structures and products for the construction industry.
 Electrical devices and appliances.
 Heat-generating devices.

 Note: For more information about the rules of certification and the list of goods for certification address to the Federal Law No. 123-F3 "Technical regulations on fire safety requirements". 

Fire certificate validity

1.       For serially manufactured products: 
2С - not exceeding one year. 
3C - not exceeding 3 years. 
4C, 5C - not exceeding 5 years. 

2. For single products or limited parties (6C, 7C): before the expiration date of the product. If no time is set, the validity period of the Certificate 1 year.

 After the validity period of the certificate on the serial products (schemes 4C and 5C) is over, it can be extended. This requires the decision of the accredited certification body, who carried out the previous certification.

 If the certificate is issued for more than one year, such goods shall be subject to mandatory inspection control. It is held: 

·         Not more than 1 time (for certificates valid for 1-2 years).
 ·         No more than two times (for certificates valid for 2-4 years).
 ·         For the others: no more than 3 times for the period of validity of the certificate.

  Advantages of cooperation with the group of companies "Fire Union" in the field of certification of products and services

 1.      We have our own testing laboratories (accredited). You're not overpaying for intermediaries services.
 2. We have all permits for carrying out certification. You get a certificate of compliance with all fire safety requirements for up to 3 years.
 3. You also can order voluntary certification of goods and services that are not included in the list, regulated by the Federal Law No. 123. This will raise your company's credibility in the eyes of customers and increase sales.
 4. You can order the certification for a particular part of the products or for all manufactured products.

The set of necessary documents for certification

1.      Application (can be filled in on the web site). 
2. Description of the claimed products (specifications, scope, image, if possible). 
ISO certificate (if available).
 Import contract (for foreign products) with the specification, shipping documents (invoice, packing list, etc.). 
 Registration documents of the manufacturer. 
Labels sample. 
 Products sample (if required).


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