Fire risk assessment

Fire risk assessment which is done by licensed professionals is your confidence when dealing with fire inspectors 

Fire risk assessment is a complex calculation that determine if an object meets the requirements of technical regulations (Federal Law No. 123 dated 01.05.2009). Fire risk assessment is carried out in accordance with special techniques and only by accredited expert organizations.   

The Group of Companies "Fire Union" has all necessary licenses issued by the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations and the other organizations, confirming the right to conduct Audit and Fire risk assessment.   

Fire risk assessment is part of Independent fire risk assessment and is held by an expert organization on the basis of fire audit. This is a complex of measures for an object monitoring and documentation analysis for their compliance with regulations.   

Note. Fire risk assessment is a mandatory section of the Fire Safety Declaration, without which the use of an object is prohibited by law.

 What is a fire risk?   
Fire risk is a criterion of probability to ensure fire safety of a particular object and its effects on property and people.  

Admissible fire risk is a danger which level complies with the regulations.   

Individual fire risk is a danger that can cause damage to health or death as a result of fire and its hazards.   

Social fire risk is a threat to the live of a group of people during ignition.   

Fire risk assessment is:   

· The methodology, which establishes how dangerous fire can be for people and property.
· A number of measures which are required to be on site to decrease the threat of fire and reduce its devastating effects.   
Independent fire risk assessment is necessary if an object, its parts or a system do not meet the requirements prescribed by law.   

Fire risk assessment is obligatory: 
1. During the development of the special technical specifications for object design (Federal Law No. 123). 
2. When developing section no. 9 "Fire prevention and protection" of the project documentation (resolution of The Government of the Russian Federation from 16.02.08 No. 87). 
3. During conformity assessment of an object to Fire safety regulations (Federal Law No. 123). 
4. When developing Fire safety declaration.   

Note: Fire risk assessment is conducted, if the object complies to the Fire safety regulations, but there are slight deviations from the requirements of certain documents.

 What do you get by doing fire risk assessment with the Group of companies "Fire Union"?

 The group of companies "Fire Union" will justify any deviations from standards of fire safety, including:   

 · Space-planning decision paths for evacuation, the width and length.
 · Specificity means to limit the fire.
 · Features (or lack of) fire extinguishing systems and smoke protection.
 · Features of fire barriers.

(All of these requirements are justified by the order of the Russian Ministry for Emergency Situations from 30.06.2009 No. 382).   

When conducting Independent risk assessment we justify the distance between buildings and structures (order of the Russian Ministry for Emergency Situations from 10.07.2009 No. 404).   

In addition, we will select the best warning system and offer a number of compensatory measures. It is essential if the object does not meet all fire safety requirements.   

Note: Fire risk assessment is conducted individually according to different methods for different fire classes of the buildings.

 When calculating fire risks the following issues should be taken into consideration:   

· Time (for people evacuation).
· Factors of fire.

· Time of onset of the maximum fire hazard and its effects.
· Measures that reduce the risk of ignition and its destructive force.   

Digital indicators of fire risks 




Individual fire risk when a person is in the most distant point from the exit

0.000001 per year

Order of the Russian Ministry for Emergency Situations from 10.06.09 No. 404,

Individual Fire Risks at production sites

0.000001 per year

Federal Law No. 123

The value of fire risk as a result of fire hazards exposure at the production site to people in a residential area near an object

0.00000001 per year

Federal Law No. 123

The value of social fire risk as a result of fire hazards exposure at the production site to people in a residential area near an object.

0.0000001 per year

Federal Law No. 123

How we are do fire risk assessment for your organization.

The work consists of the following steps. 
1. entering into the contract with the customer. 
2. examination of the documentation and the orders of the State fire supervision; and development of a list of inconsistencies and deviations.
3. direct object inspection experts. 
4. development and implementation of the necessary compensatory measures. 
5. detailed fire risk assessment to demonstrate that they meet established standards. 
6. making the annexe to the Fire safety Declaration.


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