Design and Approval of special technical specifications

Our organization provides services for design and approval of special technical specifications

Over the last 11 years our staff, that has earned trust among experts community, offer and prove the most difficult solutions to ensure the safety of buildings and constructions.

Special technical specifications for the design of buildings and structures is no longer a document which importance is necessary to prove.

On the Internet, you can find lots of information on this issue and, of course, every organization is trying to convince its customers that it is the one, which managed to achieve significant results in fire-fighting systems design.

When choosing organization, which you will have to co-operate with in design and approval of special technical specifications, it is important for the client to understand the particular points that will help to avoid the financial and time losses:

·         Be not too lazy to go to the office of the company that will provides services for design and approval of special technical specifications. You will personally see the moral climate in the team and will meet the experts. At this stage, many issues can be solved. Design and approval of special technical specifications is not a cheap service. Do not put trust in people who are not able to rally worthy expert community.

·         When organizing tender for design and approval of special technical specifications, pay special attention to the fact that, if one company out of many offers to provide this service, which price is twice cheaper, it does not mean that they are cheaters.

·         This may indicate that your employees are trying to deceive you and to get profit out of this transaction, and the organizations, claiming for higher price, are their mediators. Subsequently, all the work will be carried out by a competent organization. Try to protect yourself from mediators. Usually they offer prices up to 200% of the actual cost of work.

·         Trust organizations only with permits. It may seem at first, that, according to the law, you do not need any licenses, certificates, and so on ... however, fire risk assessment is a part of design and approval of special technical specifications. For this activity, accreditation issued by EMERCOM of Russia is required. Is it true, that such company is able to work without admission of project self-regulatory organization? It is true; however, self-regulatory organization admission costs a pretty sum of money. When receiving it a company will need to demonstrate that an organization has competent designers. You do not even need to think – if a company has received self-regulatory organization admission – you can choose them as they have already been checked!

·         Call the head of the company, that will do design and approval of special technical specifications. It is he who is responsible for the works performed by their organization, and only he can guarantee you best results.

Attention! Surveillance activities and preventive work department of Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations currently considers special technical specifications only for unique objects or for the objects which authorities of the Russian Federation constituent entities are interested in. Therefore, special technical specifications that do not have typical solutions are directed to the territorial units of EMERCOM of Russia. (We provide STS support service overall the territory of Russia).


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