Design and Approval of special technical specifications

The group of companies “Fire Union” designs and approves special technical specifications for the design of objects of any complexity, reflecting compensatory measures issue in the lack of design standards and insufficient design standards for structural and industrial safety.

The evolution of humanity is characterized by the continuous development of technical means and technologies in almost all spheres of life, including the building sector. Throughout human existence, people are constantly building. At first, it was building of a primitive dwelling for two main purposes - to shelter from cold and from a predator or another enemy. Nowadays, in the era of scientific and technological progress, people deal not only with the construction of the housing sector, but also with the construction of various facilities of industrial character. Unique design surveys for construction are developed more and more today. New technologies and materials constantly appear and are developing dynamically. And then the question of safety arises and its ensuring at industrial facilities, both when building and later during operation and maintenance since regulatory requirements of building codes, conduct codes, etc. are frequently either absent or are out of date. In addition, to comply and ensure safety, as well as to increase reliability of capital construction special technical specifications are required.

Special technical specifications - is a normative and technical document for a particular object, that contains additional requirements for the acceptance or absence of standards, reflecting design, engineering, construction features. In April 2008, in the Russian Federation special technical specifications appeared for the first time (order of the Ministry of Regional Development of the Russian Federation from 01.04.2008 №36 "On the Procedure for development and approval of special technical conditions for the development of design documentation for the object of capital construction").

Currently, special technical conditions approval is carried out in the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Communal Services of the Russian Federation. Special technical conditions and their requirements are the most important documents for the design and construction of facilities. If you don`t want to have problems with supervisory authorities, first of all, you should follow special technical conditions requirements, herewith the other building codes requirements (SNIP, SP, GOST, GOST R, VSN, VNTP etc.) have no power if they contradict the requirements of special technical conditions.

Development and approval of special technical conditions for a fruitful and very capacious work. We offer a full range of works in development and approval of special technical conditions, starting with consultation, development of Technical Assignment for special technical conditions, then development of special technical specifications, and the final stage - approval to the Ministry of Construction of the Russian Federation. Our experts are accredited by the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Communal Services of the Russian Federation, and have vast experience in special technical conditions development.

The cost of development and approval of special technical conditions in the Ministry of Construction and Housing and Communal Services of the Russian Federation is calculated individually, taking into account object features and project solutions. 

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