Smoke extraction systems

Smoke protection system is one of the fundamental aspects of the facility`s safety, it must be checked before commissioning. This means not only the ability of materials to prevent the spread of flame, but also the efficiency of the systems responsible for removing smoke and other combustion products that are extremely dangerous for humans: they cause suffocation and violation of orientation in space.

Normative base


All requirements that are mandatory for compliance during the relevant tests are prescribed in GOST R 53300-2009. Their violations can lead to problems with legislation that prevent the commissioning of the building and accidents during real fire. If existing systems cannot cope with smoke, human casualties are liable to happen.


How are the tests conducted?


The test involves monitoring the actual air flow rates recorded on the valves of the equipment that removes smoke. In addition, the excess pressure in the areas of staircases, elevator halls and tambours is determined. Measurements are also carried out in fire protection systems and above the doors of staircases.

In other words, the complete absence of people in the building is highly recommended during the process - this will facilitate the work of specialists, as well as eliminate the possibility of accidents. If fully release the object fails (a vivid example – dwelling house), it is necessary to conduct the work in the period of least activity of the tenants.


Common Problems


During the test, it is possible to identify all failures and malfunctions in the operation of protective equipment. Practice shows that most often the following failures occur:


  • The fire alarm signal does not open air pressure valves and smoke extraction;
  • Overpressure is exceeded on the doors of evacuation exits, elevators and corridors.

The solution is quite simple; you just need to reset configurations.


The minimum permissible testing frequency is every 2 years. They are conducted exclusively by specialists, as they are supposed to use special equipment, including anemometers and thickness gauges. Also it is highly important to meet certain requirements (hermetically sealed windows, etc.), hardly known to a person without specialized education and experience.

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