Examination of conclusions on independent risk assessment

Currently, the state puts the emphasis in favor of risk-oriented approach to the surveillance activities and is directly related to the State Fire Supervision.

Thus, the system of normative acts in the field of fire safety has set up the functioning of an independent fire risk assessment system in Russia - an effective mechanism for increasing the level of responsibility of owners of businesses and owners of buildings and structures for implementing fire safety measures.

Now the Ministry of Emergency Situations conducts expert accreditation procedures for independent fire risk assessment, and in this area, experts appear frequently to render their services with deviation from the current legislation.

It is not the secret that with the development of the Independent Assessment of Fire Risk system, the number of so called "Experts" is growing frequently.

The Group of Companies “Fire Union” is committed to inform the property owners and the organization of the need of compliance with the law in carrying out an independent fire risk assessment and offers to take into account the following features when ordering NOR service:

1.                                Try to choose a contractor based on his experience - the information about them held by the audit of fire safety. But when analyzing his work, consider the number of conclusions on independent risk assessment. A large number of conclusions and recently issued certificate of accreditation speaks only of the mediocre performance of his duties.

2.                                Do not choose a contractor without visiting his office and not getting acquainted with his material and technical base. Keep in mind! An independent assessment of fire risk cannot be done correctly without assessing the operability of the systems installed at the object. To assess the quality of systems at the facility one should have the laboratory, accredited in the System of Voluntary Certification “Safety and Quality”.

3.                                Do not make the decision to cooperate with an expert offering relatively small price for the services. Think about what expenses you would incur to qualitatively execute the service, and you will be convinced that an expert offering a price of 5,000 rubles carries more expenses for overhead costs.

4.                       Try to choose a contractor from the region in which your object is located. An independent assessment of fire risk is not a matter of one day. Travel expenses will significantly raise the cost of the expert's work.                         


In any case, you can turn to the Group of Companies “Fire Union” to get consultation or to check (assess) independent fire risk assessment made for you and get an objective conclusion.

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