Conclusion and approval of the State fire supervision

  Obtaining the conclusion of conformity (non-conformity) of the object with fire safety requirements in the Management oversight activities and preventive work in the Ministry of emergency situations of Russia is a time-consuming process, that requires specific knowledge. To reduce the time of obtaining the conclusion, it is better to turn to the experts.
The experts of the group of companies "Fire Union" will help to get and agree on the Conclusion that corresponds to the current regulations in the period determined by law: 15 days from the date of application (conclusion of the contract).

   Note. The law established the time of receipt of the conclusion: 15 - 30 days. Companies, that offer to develop and agree on a document within a shorter period of time are likely to be unscrupulous.

   Note. Conclusion shall be prepared separately for each building (construction, room). The address of the object of protection must be indicated strictly in accordance with the address specified in the Certificate of the state registration of this object. 

List of the documents for obtaining the conclusion.

 List of the documents is approved by the State regulations. Deviations from it are impossible.

 If necessary, the Group of companies "Fire Union" can assist in obtaining the missing documents.

 To obtain and reconcile the conclusion the following document are needed:  
·         State Fire Supervision of EMERCOM of Russia (download)
 Copies:   ·         Entitlement and constituent documents of the organization or entrepreneur (Charter, BIN, extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities. 
·         Administrative documents (orders, orders on appointment of people responsible for fire safety, duty regulations).
 ·         Declaration of fire safety. 
·         Technical documentation associated with electricity, water supply, fire prevention systems installations and fire protection; production, installation, repair and maintenance of the systems of fire prevention and fire protection.
 ·         Technological documentation, availability and maintenance of which is governed by technical regulations, rules of the fire regime, other normative legal acts and regulations that contain fire safety requirements.
 ·                 Lease (sublease) agreement or certificate of ownership. 
·         Contracts on maintenance of fire safety systems, together with a copy of the License (issued by the EMERCOM of Russia) on maintenance of such systems. 
·         Acts on operability of fire safety systems, including the protocols of electric circuits resistance tests. 
·         Certificates of conformity (Declaration of conformity) of manufactured and (or) marketable products. 
·         Conclusion based on the results of an independent risk assessment in the field of fire safety on site, performed by the accredited organization in accordance with the established procedure (if independent risk assessment has been carried out). 
·         Certificates of completion of fire-technical minimum by the staff. 
·        Other documents that contain information on conformity assessment of the object to the fire safety requirements.
 ·         Documents of Recorder of deeds. 

  What you get by working with the group of companies "Fire Union".
 1.      The complete set of documents, necessary for obtaining conclusions and meet the current regulations.
 2. Full assistance in obtaining and approving conclusions. 
3. Time saving: our experts will take care of everything. 
4. The conclusion, corresponding to the current applicable regulations. 

 The cost of preparing and agreeing upon a Conclusion starts from 20 000 rubles. Term of receiving - 15 days.

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