Fire alarm system design

The group of companies "Fire Union" designs fire alarm systems, taking into account the characteristics of the object and the current legislation.

 The purpose of fire alarm systems
·         Protection people and property from fire hazards and (or) limitation of its effects. 
·         Protection of people and property from fire hazards and (or) limitation of its effects is provided by decrease of the growth of dangerous fire factors, evacuation of people and property to the safe zone and (or) fire extinguishing.
·         Fire protection systems must be reliable and resistant to fire hazards during the time required to achieve the fire safety objectives.
 The structural and functional characteristics of fire alarm systems are governed by the regulations on fire safety. Federal law of 22.07.2008 N 123-FZ (ed. of 13.07.2015) "Technical regulations for fire safety requirements".

 Note. Work on the design, installation, maintenance and repair of the means of fire safety of the buildings and structures are subjected to obligatory licensing (the admission of project self-regulatory organization).
The group of companies "Fire Union" has the admission of project self-regulatory organization, as well as all relevant certificates and permits for the production of the whole complex of works: starting with the feasibility study and preparation of design and estimate documentation and ending with the commissioning of engineering systems of buildings and structures.

 What we offer

 Our experts will develop and design any of the following systems: 
  1. Fire safety. 
2. Security alarm. 
Fire safety systems include subsystems: 

·         Fire elimination (water, foam, gas, powder, aerosol).
 ·         Fire alarm.
 ·         Fire and evacuation alert.
 ·         Smoke protection.
 ·         Alarm messages transmission
·         Lightning protection.
 ·         Fire-fighting water supply.

  Security alarm system includes the following subsystems: 
·         Security alarm.
 ·         CCTV.
 ·         Perimeter protection.

   In addition, the group of companies "Fire Union" offers: 
·       Design of automatized control systems of buildings and structures. 
·         Designing of internal and external engineering networks, systems and constructions. 

What you get by ordering designs in the group of companies "Fire Union"

1.      The project fully corresponding to the applicable regulations.  
2. design and estimate documentation on all developed systems.
 3. Installation, commissioning and maintenance of the systems, if necessary.
 4. Minimization of the costs on design, installation, purchase and maintenance of all components of the fire-fighting system. 
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