Fire and technical survey


Fire and technical survey is almost the most difficult of all existing assessments, as fire destroys the main tracks, and the environment changes beyond recognition.

Fire and technical survey aims at determining the causes of ignition, its source and possible violations of fire safety requirements. It is carried out in the proceedings before the Court, and on the appointment of judicial bodies (judicial, pretrial). This examination is conducted by the expert, who has vast knowledge in fire and technical survey (characteristics of combustible materials, combustion processes, legislative and normative legal acts in the field of fire safety).
As a rule, the objects for study after fires are: 
-apartments, baths, country houses, etc.;
 -household non-residential buildings (garages, warehouses, etc.);
 -cars and vehicles.

 To conduct such examinations the expert requires the case materials (the report of survey of the scene, the fire acts, technical conclusion about the cause of fire, etc.), video and photo of the evidence. If possible, the specialist inspects the scene himself.
 During the study, our experts analyze the data provided, model the fire situation in stages, conduct laboratory studies, that allows to give an accurate assessment of the situation that has occurred, to answer all the questions about the causes of fire, the source of fire and to identify the culprit. It is important that all the data for the study were collected according to all standards and requirements.
 It is also worth taking into account that the expert does not have the right to give legal evaluation and comments about the actions or omissions of people directly related to the incident. All expert opinion are of a purely technical nature.

 The list of services provided by the Group of Companies «Fire Union» when conducting fire and technical survey: 
1. Advice on the establishment of the seat of fire, the technical reason of fire and the order of the inspection on the fact of fire.
 2. The research, including visual examination, with the use of laboratory methods, metallographic studies and electrical devices to detect the signs of emergency operation.
 3. Establishment of the conditions that promote the spread of fire with the possible use of testing equipment.   

After the expert examination of fire, when its causes are identified as well as those responsible for it, the question of the assessment of damages arises. It is a complex procedure that requires a professional approach.
 Damages are assessed by appraisers, who are in self-regulatory organizations. Assessment is made in accordance with federal laws and standards of evaluation activity in the Russian Federation. In accordance with the Civil Code of the Russian Federation the actual damage(damage to and loss of property) is compensated, as well as uncollected profit. In these cases the victim evaluates the damage. After evaluation the conclusion report is issued. Conclusion is prepared based on the research and in compliance with all the Federal Laws "On evaluation activity". Appraisers of the Group of Companies «Fire Union» have a vast experience in carrying out calculation of damages, associated with fires, that are not controlled by insurance companies (in case of insured property) because the task of any insurance company is to reduce the amount of damages.
 Evaluation report is an official document with attached copies of all documents that were used by the specialist in evaluation such as the analysis of documents and photos, the method of assessing damages, all calculations, the cost of reconstruction work after fire, the total amount, documents confirming the right of the company to do damage assessment.

   Finally, our experts` reports are valid in the courts of any instance.


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