Oil Spills Prevention and Response Plan

The design office of the Group of Companies “Fire Union” will develop oil spills prevention and response plan in full accordance with applicable Russian legislation.


·         Prevention of the emergency situation.

·         Organization of the fast oil spill response.

·         Reduction of the effects of the accident.

·         Provision of the constant readiness of forces and means of the elimination of emergency situations.

·         Protection of the particularly dangerous objects.


·         Development of measures to protect the employees of the enterprise and the civilians, living in the risk zone.

·         Ensuring the protection of environmental area from the possible adverse effects of an accident.


·         Justification of:

ü the level of a possible emergency situation and the consequences of its occurrence;

ü the adequate quantity and composition of forces and means for the elimination of oil spills by the Emergency Situations and Fire Safety Commission for liquidation the emergencies on the object.

·         Development of guidelines for the organization of activities on prevention and elimination of emergencies.

·         Determination of:

ü the sufficiency of the planned measures, taking into account the state of the possible sources of emergencies and characteristics of the area of possible oil spill;

ü the procedure of interaction of involved organizations, the Emergency Situations and Fire Safety Commission of the object, forces and resources for the elimination of oil spills in case of emergency situation.

·         Implementation of:

ü monitoring the environment and the situation in the Plan area of elimination of oil spills;

ü the use of targeted scientific and technical programs aimed at preventing emergency situations and increasing stability of functioning of the management bodies in case of emergency.

·         Organization of measures to ensure mutual exchange of information.

·         Establishment of the following procedures:

ü order and control to ensure preparedness of forces and means of administration;

ü exercises and training;

ü measures to ensure staff training and their qualifications improvement.

·         Creation of financial and material resources.

·         Maintaining an appropriate level of preparedness of emergency rescue teams.

·         Making situational schedule of operational activities for liquidation of emergencies.

·         Planning for emergency management.


The reasons to order oil spills prevention and response plan from the Group of Companies “FireUnion”.

1.      Our specialists are constantly monitoring the changes in the regulations in force and carefully observe their requirements.

2.      Cooperating with the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations, we accompany the project from the stage of its development until the agreement and approval.


What you get:

·         Time and money savings needed to develop oil spills prevention and response plan.

·         Confidence in compliance with all applicable regulations.

·         Developed oil spills prevention and response plan, corresponding to the features of the enterprise and its level (local, federal, regional).


Oil spills prevention and response plan:

·         developed by experts for a particular emergency level.

·         claimed:

ü by the head of the organization, operating hazardous facilities, which deals with petroleum and/or petroleum products;

ü territorial department of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations.

·         the plan is coordinated with the territorial divisions of the federal supervisory services of the Russian Federation in the established order.

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