Fire Fighting Plan

“Fire Union” is a certified organization that has all the licenses and powers, according to which we have the right to develop plans for fire extinguishing.

What you should remember:

   Firefighting plan is a document reflecting instructions and calculations for fire brigades who extinguish fire at the facility, as well as at the adjacent territory. The main objective of this paper is that the personnel of the facility on which the emergency occurred have an idea of how to work most effectively with fire protection officers in order to quickly eliminate fires.

The document consists of textual and graphical parts. The following information is specified in the text section:

·         Responsibilities of duty forces in case of fire;

·         Order of work with fire brigades arrived to the facility;

·         Peculiarities of flame spread and combustion at a single facility;

·         Effective methods of using firefighting equipment available at the facility, including primary firefighting equipment, their mobile analogues, mechanized and automatic devices, alarms and warning equipment.

The basis of the graphic part is a schematic plan, which shows the location of the main roads, approaches, water sources near the building. Rules allow using a landline instead of the circuit board layout or standing in a prominent place.

Reasons to choose us:


If we talk about the reasons for placing an order in our company, we will give the following arguments in favor of such decision:

·         We constantly interact with the Ministry of Emergency Situations, and therefore are perfectly aware of all the rules for drawing up and registering plans;

·         Each plan is strictly produced on an individual basis, a thorough analysis of the object is carried out, taking into account its` design features and nuances of location;

·         Along with the plan, fire-fighting cards are issued, that are also included in the list of necessary documentation;

·         We assist in the coordination of the prepared document in State Fire Supervision.

Collaboration with the Group of Companies “Fire Union” gives the following:

·         Document that fully meets the current requirements and standards;

·         Confidence in the correctness of all activities in emergency situation;

·         Time saving due to the fact that the development of fire fighting plan is entrusted to a specialized enterprise.

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