Business Counseling

The Group of companies “Fire Union” offers a new service - Business Counseling!

"Fire Union" is a group of companies with vast experience in the market that provide fire safety services to individuals and legal entities, supply firefighting equipment, and upgrade the skills of more than 100 training programs in construction, design, and fire safety. The priority of the organization is the high quality of service and prompt resolution of the most difficult tasks of its customers, while maintaining an individual approach to each of them.

"Fire Union" have no hidden costs or additional fees. All resources are used to improve the quality of service and to introduce new standards. For "Fire Union" partner is a source for development that preserves all the competitive advantages of the company.


Business Consulting Concept

Working with "Fire Union" allow partners to become the owner of his own company with minimal investment, and offer a wide range of fire safety services, as well as in the shortest possible time to recoup and increase their investments.

Partner does not have to look for staff of professionals; work will begin with a team of specialists, using the methods and achievements of the company "Fire Union". The partner does not have to waste time developing documentation and specialized software. And new customers immediately begin to enjoy all the services of the company at an early stage.




- Partner is not tied to a tenant or to a particular premise to rent. In our case, it does not matter where the office is located.

- There is a large choice of territory: Moscow, Moscow region, and other cities of our large country.

- The number of employees is much smaller. And as a result, less effort is spent on production control.


Training and support

Comprehensive support from The Group of Companies "Fire Union":

- The right to work under a well-known name in the market- the Group of Companies "Fire Union";

- Staff training;

- Unified subscriber support (call-center);

- Single advertising campaign;

- Consultations on effective business management;

- Regular delivery of goods at competitive prices, firefighting equipment and materials, regardless of the volume.


Requirements for customers

The presence of the desire and means.


Requirements for premises

None. And in some cases, the room is not necessary.



Cooperation with regions only (in Moscow and Moscow Region branch opening is not possible).


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